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  1. ratTED

    My current Builds to Date

    Links to my current builds; 1954 Goodyear Hi-Way Patrol - ‘54 Goodyear 1958 Schwinn Corvette - Schwinn El Camino 1962 Schwinn Hollywood - Hollywood Makeover 1987 Huffy Good Vibrations - ‘Pard in my Pink Huffy 1986 Huffy Good Vibrations - Zeeing Red 1987 Huffy Good Vibrations -...
  2. ratTED

    Huffy Tiger 2 or Tigress * DONE *

    I found another 80's girls Huffy Good Vibrations that started out like this... After experimenting with green, and black for the frame color, I decided on yellow. I wanted to do another animal print in Tiger pattern since the girls thought the others were so darn cute. I started with...
  3. ratTED

    Trans Gender Regress

    Recently I had some downtime, while waiting for parts for other two projects, Zebra &Tiger (pictures 15 -18) so I picked up this (80's?) Ward’s Open Road Cruiser from CL with the intention of ratting it. Since all I have been doing lately is GIRLS bikes, decided to cut this one up. I...
  4. ratTED

    Hollywood Makeover, and Over Again

    Ahead is just one man’s chronicle of what came to be an eleven month project. These are some of the ups and downs of trying to stay active and keep busy while attempting to do something for others, and enjoy the therapy of working with my hands, (refurbishing old bicycles) all the while...
  5. ratTED

    Zeeing Red! **Done**

    This old Huffy started out like many others, blue, but I wanted a companion build for "'pard in my pink Huffy" due to the great response I got from a bunch of you guys. Since I posted the "sneak peek" there has been almost 100 views of it - but no comments - good or bad, so I may be wasting my...
  6. ratTED

    Another “Frankenbike” or Schwinn El Camino

    Last summer this one started life as a 1958 Corvette, and had seen its better days. I paid $10.00 for the frame as you see it. I had intended to build a ratrod, but things went sideways. All the parts I added to this Frankenbike, were purchased on eBay one at a time. I started with a frame, and...
  7. ratTED

    ‘Pard in my pink... Huffy - Sister Zee & Tiger 2

    This $10.00 Huffy started out looking like this, and since my step-daughter Breanna likes pink, I decided to stay with the original color. With a low budget for parts, I did this as cheaply as possible. I sanded the frame and forks, cleaned and polished all the other shiny parts, and used...
  8. ratTED

    FINALLY DONE! 1954 Goodyear Hi-Way Patrol

    Started with a $9.99 Ebay purchase in really rough shape... Removed the - what was left of the wheels... This what I had to work with; Massaged the fenders... Prepped the frame... Added my own touches.. Hand painted the Headbadge... Current condition awaiting chrome...
  9. ratTED

    Another Newbie from SoCal

    Hello, For the last six weeks or so I have been struggling with wind, extreme heat, and bugs here in Hemet, CA just trying to paint my recently acquired 1954 Goodyear Hi-Way Patrol boys bike. I have ended up on this forum many times just by doing a Google search for Goodyear. I have an...