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  1. The Black Monark

    can't delete/remove media items

    looked and looked again, but not seeing how to delete media from my album. any help please? thx scott
  2. The Black Monark

    SOLD rare 1937 Snyder Rollfast Straightbar Fastback Frame & Disc Brake Fork

    planned to build this as a bmx-style 26" cruiser. lost interest in the project now it's time for a new home. this frame came to me with a headtube that had been ovalized inside from riding with a loose headset. i milled it with the park tool to fit 1 1/8" headset and installed a new cartridge...
  3. The Black Monark

    SOLD streamlined aluminum alu-dur vintage chain guard

    measures approximately 13 1/2 inches long, doesn’t appear to have been used. $20 shipped usa No extra charge for PayPal
  4. The Black Monark

    SOLD Handmade Saddle Leather Tool Bag For Rack

    11" long x 5 1/2" tall x 4 1/2" wide. perfect for wallet, phone, keys, etc or inner tube, pump, and some tools. handmade from premium name-brand usa made thick saddle leather. havana brown, dyed in dark fudge. finished and sealed both sides, all edges rounded and polished smooth. ykk brass...
  5. The Black Monark

    SOLD custom made DX leather splash guard mud flap

    shape taken from an original 1950s splash guard. ~1/8” thick premium USA saddle leather sealed both sides you’ll need to punch or drill holes or i can do it if you tell me where. $30 shipped insured, no extra charge for paypal thanks scott
  6. The Black Monark

    SOLD custom made hornet leather splash guard mud flap

    shape taken from an original 1950s splash guard. ~1/8” thick premium USA saddle leather sealed both sides you’ll need to punch or drill holes or i can do it if you tell me where. $30 shipped insured, no extra charge for paypal thanks scott
  7. The Black Monark

    SOLD handmade leather cargo straps

    pair of handmade leather straps for your rear rack or crossbrace handlebars made from 1/8” (3mm) thick distressed-look leather 5/8” width 30.5” length not measuring the solid brass roller buckle keeper can be installed to show or hide the copper rivet $29.95 shipped tracked & insured paypal at...
  8. The Black Monark

    SOLD Hawthorne Snyder Fastback Frame/Fork and more

    $100 delivered to Long Beach So Cal Cycle Swap tomorrow 1940, rare color, great platform for a rider.
  9. The Black Monark

    SOLD Balloon and Teens-Style Custom Leather Splash Guard Mudflap

    Patterned from original 1910's and 1950's flaps, made from premium USA-made leather. Teens: approximately 9.75” x 5”, just over 1/8” thick. Flesh side finished smooth and sealed. Edges hand beveled, burnished, and polished. Teens style stamped with Pierce, Ranger, or Iver Johnson, or no stamp...
  10. The Black Monark

    SOLD Rollfast Zep Fastback Frame & Fork Custom Project

    Lost interest in this project: 1937 Snyder frame, 1939 Snyder fork, frame stripped, primed with red oxide, then painted with original 1930s/1940s Rollfast enamel paint, left in the yard to pickle. Scuffs and scratches throughout. Paint is oxidized, will polish to a glorious lead-based enamel...
  11. The Black Monark

    SOLD Custom Handmade English Bridle Tool/SmartPhone Case

    Handmade thick USA tanned Premium English Bridle case, mounts on frame or handlebar. The Suïssa and Suïssa Gran, inspired by Swiss ammo pouches from the 1960s. 2 sizes: Suïssa, holds an iPhone 7s Plus (or similar) in a case, a wallet, and some keys, a few tools, or combination. Cargo area ~1" x...
  12. The Black Monark

    Is a "soft delete" possible?

    3 ads in the for sale section makes deleting threads that haven't been sold necessary sometimes. Is there a way to set the delete function so it can be undone as needed? Sure would make life mo betta :)
  13. The Black Monark

    SOLD Schwinn service manuals volume 1 and 2

    Original vintage Schwinn Factory service instructions, troubleshooting, and schematics, shop set-up, and more, complete in a modern binder. This covers overhaul procedures taught at the Schwinn mechanics school and used in Schwinn shops back in the day. Most coaster brakes are covered including...
  14. The Black Monark

    Can we have a "My Threads" Button Please?

    The forum software allows for a button that will take users to a list of the threads they've started in each forum. This is particularly handy in the "For Sale" forum, but is a nice feature site-wide. Whadya say? :)
  15. The Black Monark

    1939 Hawthorne Snyder Twin Bar Just In

    recent arrival: 1939/1940 Snyder-built Hawthorne standard twin bar. Picture of the Wards catalog page shown below. Not going to restore this one tho :cool2: I think a friend can get the lock working, and it looks like the paint might be savable...let's hope!
  16. The Black Monark

    Can we have a "History" button installed please?

    It would make it much easier to navigate here. Thanks for the consideration :)
  17. The Black Monark

    Anyone else getting Flash Error in Chrome?

    I browse with tabs and whenever there's an RRB tab open I get shockwave crash errors....anyone else?
  18. The Black Monark

    SOLD Bendix aviation two-speed hub

    Bendix aviation two-speed hub Needs overhaul but works, 36h Uses the same spokes from your old wheel $80 shipped
  19. The Black Monark

    SOLD SOLD! Restored Mesinger Schwinn Mens Sliding Clamp Saddle

    This saddle arrived repainted and recovered. The prep/paint was good so I left it, but the recovering wasn't, so: I removed the previous work, straightened the pans, and did the restoration on the padding and top as original, not glued to the pad. More info on that in this ad...