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  1. Bob Malkowski

    Back to the Cruiser

    For many years I kept this hand-me-down mountain bike in the garage left over when my son moved out on his own. It was a decent enough bike and I kept telling myself it was good enough and that I would get used to riding it. But I never did like the riding position and I'm just not a mountain...
  2. Bob Malkowski

    26" Muscle/cruiser build from the new guy! (DONE!!!!)

    Nice job so far. Looking forward to see it painted and finished. I really like the speed hole treatment and your seat placement.
  3. Bob Malkowski

    Hey, new member!

    Hey, new forum member and reader. Like most I've always like bikes as well as all other wheeled vehicles. I like what many of you are doing to revive the vintage looks and styles. While I have Car/Truck/Motorcycle projects I'm also looking forward to building some unique and custom bicycles...