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  1. bean

    RRBBO13 Klunkstar - DNF

    Why not!! I've been pretty much absent from here for the past couple of years except for the occasional lurk to see what's happening. I'm starting with a Malvern Star Cruisestar frame I've had for around 10 years. The frame is currently hanging from rafters in my storage shed and has been for...
  2. bean


    Done. I didn't get time to do a couple things, so had to either leave them or use parts from other bikes. I'm happy with how it turned out, and actually like this version better than the original build. It rides really well, and I had no problems during a 2 mile ride. The photo shoot was rushed...
  3. bean

    SPINAL TAP - Finished

    After a couple of years of inactivity on here, I've decided to have another crack. I will be using the Cycobilly Deluxe frame, as it's been hanging from the rafters for a couple of years. I stripped it down to fix a couple things, but never got back to it. I will be using different bars, saddle...
  4. bean

    Redux of a previous build??

    What's the general opinion of entering a bike from a previous buildoff? I have the bare frame from my Cycobilly Deluxe build hanging from the rafters and a pile of parts in boxes. I would be making some changes to the frame and using hardly any of the parts from the original build. I know people...
  5. bean


    Had a look through most of the builds this morning............:eek: :eek: :eek: I was gonna bring my "A Game" this year, only problem is, a heap of other builders have already brought their "AAA Game". Some awesome stuff happening so far!!
  6. bean

    MELVIN STARR - Progress!!

    OK.........I'm in :). I was going to sit this one out, but have decided to do a basic build. We have a new house, and don't have anywhere at home to build until I get my shed built, so I'll have to build at work at lunch and after work.The frame I'm using is a newer Malvern Star (old Aussie...
  7. bean

    CYCO's as done as it's gonna be!! The frame started out as a Target bought Cyclops/Schwinn cruiser. I've always loved the look of the old twin bar frames, so I cut out the seat post, then widened the rear stays slightly to fit the 80mm wheels and 2.4 Maxxis Holly Rollers. The fork is a...
  8. bean

    Musicians participating in the Build-Off

    Been meaning to get around to this for a while, but have been too busy. How many musicians are building bikes for this year's build-off. I'm a drummer........played in the same band for 15 years, then started playing guitar and doing solo gigs for a living for 8 years. Had a 10 year break from...
  9. bean


    Watch this space...........;)
  10. bean

    Thanks kingfish254......awesome RRBBO trophy!!

    When Brian (kingfish254) contacted me for my mailing details to send the Electra saddle he donated for 5th place in the Anything Goes section of the build-off, I replied, and told him the shipping to Australia would be very expensive, and asked him if he would like to donate the saddle to...
  11. bean

    BIG JIM and CYCOBILLY DELUXE Cruisin' in Rocky

    I missed catching up with Luke on his journey north, as I was out of town for a week, so when he sent me a message letting me know he was in town heading south, I made sure we met. I gotta say, BIG JIM is awesome!! don't do it justice, and Luke is a heck of a nice guy as...
  12. bean


    Presenting My first scratch build. It started with a chalk drawing on concrete and some tubing Specs/Build info: Custom built frame - tubing bent using traditional packed sand and heat method 3" rims with NOS Sachs front hub and Sachs Torpedo Duomatic "Kickback" rear hub 2.125 Kenda...
  13. bean


    Back for another go!!.......I had planned to use a Looptail BMX Cruiser frame, and join the Klunker fun, but found this bike last weekend at a garage sale 3 doors down from my place, and could see a lot of potential. It was won in a competition where you had to buy the product, and went into...
  14. bean

    Aussie Cruisestar SS

    My first brand new bike in over 20 years! (OK, I did get a couple of Repco/Huffy cruisers from a department store, but I only used them for the frames) I've been looking at these at my LBS for a while, and the owner offered me a deal I couldn't refuse a couple of days ago :D . It's a Malvern...
  15. bean


    Finished :D :D :D I had a quick trip this morning down the street to my location, and clicked off a few shots, as my wife is in bed with migraine and I didn't want to leave her for too long. I didn't have to worry about my butt on the ride, but my backpack was rubbing on the rear tire, so...
  16. bean

    ATOMIC PUNK - New camera time - August 8

    I'm in again. I'm starting with a Micargi Puma frame. This one will be gloss black with polished alloy, chrome and stainless parts. I'll be using two stems and split bars on the triple tree fork, a recovered WCC saddle and some cool lights. I'm not gonna spend much money on this build, or...
  17. bean

    Dynamic Duo

    I did some mods on a 20" frame for my son earlier this year, and just started on mine yesterday. I used a hacksaw to cut where the cantilever tubes were welded to the top tube and the down tube and heated the chainstays to drop the rear height. Next job is to cut off the head tube and give it...
  18. bean

    Ford Falcon Ute - New pics - August 9

    Just picked up an 88 Ford Falcon Ute. 180000kms (approx 105000miles) in fairly tidy condition with 250ci Crossflow 6, auto trans, nice Pioneer stereo, lowered all round with later model pursuit wheels. It will be my daily driver and long term project. First change will be bigger tires on rear...
  19. bean

    Pawn Star

    Although this is a fresh find, it didn't stay how I bought it long enough for me to take a pic. I quite often check out a couple of local pawn shops for cymbals and drum stuff, and found this Micargi Puma a couple of days ago. The tag had $150 on it, so I had a quick look, but wasn't interested...
  20. bean

    Playin' with Photobucket

    I was having a play around with the effects on Photobucket. This is the tail light on my build-off bike.