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  1. Vintagebikelover24

    Anyone good with woodworking?

    My father is a collector of old baseball cards and there's these three that he displays proudly on the dining room buffet. These three cards are from 1909 and are cigarette cards of a famous double-play trio, Tinkers, Evers, Chance of the Chicago Cubs. He has these displayed with a plastic stand...
  2. Vintagebikelover24

    Craigslist Krate

    Picked up this 1968 Orange Krate today. Only needs the correct seat and I'll be set. Going to restore it for a museum when I get home from school for break. paid $700. I'm not sure if that's a steal or not but I'm happy with the price I paid. Guy I bought it from said he purchased it from the...
  3. Vintagebikelover24

    1950 Schwinn Lady's Panther

    Built this one for my girlfriend. I didn't have much time to make a thread while I built it because of work and getting ready for school so I apologize. She was riding this cheap aluminum 24" Wal-Mart bike and needed to have a real bike if she wanted to go on bike rides with me:cool2: Anyway, I...
  4. Vintagebikelover24

    1939 Rollfast Boardtracker 12/27

    This build will take about a year most likely. I'm away at school right now so all I'm doing is gathering up the parts. Frame is a 1939 Rollfast Ambassador (Longtank), at least that's what I think from some quick research. I plan to strip the frame down, weld some supports, and get it powder...
  5. Vintagebikelover24

    Hg Quicksilver 1939 Mercury

    I don't know if I'm allowed to post a picture of my girlfriend's bike and mine (same picture just 2 bikes) so here is mine.
  6. Vintagebikelover24

    Prewar Schwinn "Snow Day" FINISHED PICS

    This ones going to be a rough one, I'm not painting anthing. What I have is a, what I believe to be, 1936 Schwinn. I have no crazy plans for it, just using stuff that I already have in the garage. Trying to spend no money lol Here's how I bought it I since then stripped the paint off of the...
  7. Vintagebikelover24


    Montgomery Ward's Hawthorne badged. Serial number appears to be 64SN? I've never seen a S/N this short. Any help would be appreciated. One on the right, obviously
  8. Vintagebikelover24

    1946 Hawthorne Preservation Project FINISHED

    Bought this one off of Craigslist for $35! They guy was awesome, we talked for at least 30 minutes. So on and so forth, with a lot of leverage and PB Blaster, I tore down the bike. The bike has a nice rattiness to it, but still has most of the original paint! I plan on using a fine steel wool...
  9. Vintagebikelover24

    Fixing a bent fork?

    Anyone know about fixing a bent fork? This one I have is pretty bent. I really want to bend it back and keep it since its original to the bike. Should I use a propane torch and heat it up and bend it with an old pipe or something? Would this effect the structural integrity of the fork? I really...
  10. Vintagebikelover24

    Help me out

    It looks like a 1950 Schwinn Panther....I'm not too sure. It looks to be mostly there too! And I'm thinking that's a cheap "house-paint" type job? Paying $50 in Craigslist! Anyone know what it's worth as is? I'll probably end up selling it on here anyways, either whole or parted.
  11. Vintagebikelover24

    Hg Quicksilver

    Here she is: An estimated 1939 Mercury This is my first build-off and hopefully I brought my "A" game BEFORE: AFTER:
  12. Vintagebikelover24

    Only if I had a bigger garage and $2000

    Look at this beauty It's a 48 Ford F-1! The owner has the front end and fenders and all that, just no pics of them. Anyways, how cool would this be to build? I mean you have free range basically to do whatever. Use any motor and trans you'd like! You could make this a ratty masterpiece! Clear...
  13. Vintagebikelover24

    Hg Quicksilver ~~~~~~FINISHED!!!!!

    Alright here it goes, my FIRST build-off entry! I'm starting with a prewar Mercury (told it was most likely a 1936). Anyways, I have my mind set towards building a Klunker, hence "Mudcury". But this isn't your everyday klunker! This is going to be a military themed klunker!!!! My progress will...
  14. Vintagebikelover24

    Anyone down for a good old fashioned build-off?

    I have a prewar frame I have and I'm ready to get building! Anyone else interested? I'm thinking of doing a military theme... If anyone is interested just pm me and we can make the rules and deadline and all that jazz
  15. Vintagebikelover24

    What kind of bike did I just buy?

    bought a bike off of panelman today, well i sent the money out today. He says it's a pre-war Mercury. I can't seem to find any type of serial number chart for them. I just need som help!!! I have no pics but the post is still in the for sale section under, "prewar mercury parts" The serial...
  16. Vintagebikelover24

    Sad story

    In my town everyone knows eachother and is pretty close with one another. Recently a family in town received horrific news. Their oldest child, Jean, has been diagnosed with a rare liver cancer, stage 4. she's only a sophomore or junior in college. I personally don't know her but I go to school...
  17. Vintagebikelover24

    How can you make a springer fork?

    My favorite springer is the monark springer with two springs. Since I don't know the name ill just call it a "dual" monark springer lol. Anyways I love these springers and was searching pictures to see how I could fab one. By looking at the pics it seems that the fork is a normal fork with a...
  18. Vintagebikelover24

    Instagram users?

    Who on rat rod bikes loves to Instagram as much as me? Lol what are your usernames too? My name is @woodymalone24 follow me!
  19. Vintagebikelover24

    College choices

    I'm now a junior and really need to start narrowing down my college choices! I am looking at Elon and Malone University right now. Anyone know anything bout them? And does anyone have any preferences on a good college. I want to major in business. So any and all help is appreciated! And please...
  20. Vintagebikelover24

    Children's Trike FINISHED!!!

    My dad bought this little trike for $10. It's going to be for my little nephew. I'll give it to him on Christmas. I believe its a 70's ish AMF. I'm going to completely restore it. I'll stick with the same paint scheme though. As you can see some paint damage and scuffs. Sorry for...