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  1. 4blairs

    2 Bikes I need help to I.D.

    Thank you for looking, my top tube is bent down in one spot but I will fix it. I just started pulling it apart and it looks like the paint is original paint, I also counted the front sprocket and it has 26 teeth and the back has 10 teeth. I plan on leaving everything just like it is and even the...
  2. 4blairs

    2 Bikes I need help to I.D.

    I bought these 2 bikes and would like to find a year and a little more info about them. One is a Western Flyer and I found these # (J58481) The other is a Firestone Pilot with skip tooth sprockets. (8H083951 and 178-8-9A7) found on the bottom. (Click on the photo and more will follow)
  3. 4blairs

    New to posting photos.

    I just picked up 2 new bikes 1 is a western flyer and the other is a Firestone Pilot (skip tooth) Can anyone help with info on these ?[/URL][/IMG]