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  1. sleepy

    Plastic chroming?

    You could contact the Little Motor Kar Co. in PA. They re-chrome model car parts, he may be able to re-chrome larger plastic parts.
  2. sleepy

    ??Are Bontrager Hank Tire Still avaiable??

    I bought a pair online last summer for $50 shipped, can't remember from where though, I searched on google and 50 bucks for the pair was the least expensive I could find.
  3. sleepy

    Schwinn Convertible ...SEX CHANGE

    I wonder if this tank could be adapted to a late '30's ladies Elgin. Would make it almost look like a Bluebird.
  4. sleepy

    Schwinn Typhoon Resto/Mod

    Check out, they carry beefy S7 compatible 2in wide whitewalls....CST I believe.
  5. sleepy


    In the words of Jackie Gleason...How sweet it is! Very cool build...stance, rake, seat, steering wheel....great!
  6. sleepy

    50 Shades of Blue AKA HellCamino

    Looks even better outside...terrific job!
  7. sleepy

    EvansColson Special Commander (With Details)

    Very, very nice! Those tires fit it perfectly. :thumbsup:
  8. sleepy

    Very Overpriced Huffy

    I lucked out on CL a couple months ago when I picked up the duplicate of the bike I received Christmas 1965....a pristine Huffy Galaxie for the princely sum of $40. Even had its original bell!
  9. sleepy

    50 Shades of Blue AKA HellCamino

    OK, that's it.....I can't take anymore.....this is beyond perfect. :praise:
  10. sleepy

    50 Shades of Blue AKA HellCamino

    I hope you don't mind.....but I'm going to have to replicate this bike.:praise:
  11. sleepy

    50 Shades of Blue AKA HellCamino

    This bike is so beastly it'll make children and hippies cry! Everything about it is just actually looks like it was built by a pro shop sorta like a Gas Monkey Garage for bikes.
  12. sleepy

    50 Shades of Blue AKA HellCamino

    This just gets better and looks like both a Harley Fat Boy and then also a police motorcycle from the 40's/50's.:rockout: And your fender brace shortening technique just solved a problem I had earlier today in fitting 50's era ballooner fenders to my Raleigh mountain bike.:113:
  13. sleepy

    Looking for resonably priced wide tires

    +1 on Niagara free shipping with $150 purchase.
  14. sleepy

    Rusty chain restoration

    I'm coming down the home stretch on finally getting my '39 Rollfast that I purchased from a member here 3 years ago up and running....I'm using PB Blaster on the chain which hasn't spun in decades....its working like a charm.
  15. sleepy

    50 Shades of Blue AKA HellCamino

    I was thinking the same thing....wouldn't want to see it in my rearview mirror! Fantastic build....everything about it is spot on and just right.
  16. sleepy

    Hawthorne Re-do...

    Wow, the Howards really brings out the shine! I use it on my old Victrola's, never thought about using it on bikes ....does it dry on the steel bike frame?
  17. sleepy

    Bike repair shop gets a makeover!

    Very cool rec room, looks great! 8) I like those vintage coolers you have under the foosball.
  18. sleepy


    A big congratulations to fordsnake on a well deserved win. His build is a beautiful combination of creativity, ingenuity and sculpture. 8) And Carlton, I will say a prayer for your sister tonight.
  19. sleepy


    Beautiful renovation, what a gem! 8) That's going to look perfect with the whitewalls and white seat.
  20. sleepy


    Just cast my votes! And congratulations to all who participated, what a beautiful array of creative and ingenious builds. 8)