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  1. rickpaulos

    finished build location?

    Done. More or less. Where to post?
  2. rickpaulos

    Yard Art Gallery ( bikes as yard decorations)

    Let see those bikes that have been placed as decorations. With or without flowers or vines. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, Rust to Rust. RIP (rust in place) .
  3. rickpaulos

    Huffy Maxx Mountain single speed conversion

    24" tank converted to single speed. Doesn't ride any better but you don't have to mess with gears that didn't work. Another speedy conversion. meh a waste of time. Should have just scraped it out. The individual cogs on most freewheels are splined and held on by the smallest gear that...
  4. rickpaulos

    Bell Rollerless chains

    I bought this Bell branded chain at my neighborhood hardware store. After looking at it, it's going back. NO ROLLERS! they figured out how to make a chain with fewer parts, 1 less part per link. I can only imagine the amount of friction and wear this will have. The side plates are depressed...
  5. rickpaulos

    Huffy Compressor

    Pretty wild machine. I pumped up the tires and took it for a short ride. With the seat fully up, I could feel my hips trying to pop out of the sockets. So no chance of me riding it anymore. A separate lever on the bars releases the main valve that frees the shock to be set any height. 20...
  6. rickpaulos


    Source material. So many possibilities sitting out all winter building patina.
  7. rickpaulos

    Ignaz Schwinn Birthday Bike Ride April 1

    No joke, Ignaz Schwinn was born on April 1, 1860 in Germany. Get your Schwinn out for a ride next Friday.
  8. rickpaulos

    St Patricks day speedy build

    A Huffy Superia. late 1980s attempt at a mountain bike. Typical for the era. gas pipe frame, all steel parts. This was missing some parts, cables rusted, handlebars rusted, seat bent. Emerald Green paint okay. Before I rebuilt the rear wheel using a 36h coaster brake hub from a...
  9. rickpaulos

    bikes with DISC wheels

    Kick this series off with a classic. GT Mooneyes Cruiser with discs And pedal streamers! Happy Happy Happy!
  10. rickpaulos

    Bikes at Sunset

    With so many fires in the western USA, the sunsets in the middle of the country can be quite vivid. Lets see your bikes at sunset with the sun in the background. I'll start wtih this Trek Dual Sport in Coralville, Iowa. I'm sure you can do better. I waited too long and used a low grade camera.
  11. rickpaulos

    2 Western Flyers @ local downsizing/moving sale The seller was a state senator for decades. Note the magazines. Typical of our elected politicians. And the 2 bikes. about 3 miles from my house. Humm. FYI, those bike hangers are rated for just 50 pounds max load.
  12. rickpaulos

    Proflex Attack

    Overall in vg condition. Missing seat post, mismatch qr skewers. elastomers rotted and prettified but not melted all over. That's a bonus as melted elastomers are royal pita to clean up. It had a insight/schwinn trailer hitch so it probably never saw dirt. Just daddy duty towing a child...
  13. rickpaulos

    Wrath 24" 21-->1

    Acquired this steaming pile bso. bent left crank arm, bent right crank arm, missing left crank bolt, part of the plastic covering on the left arm is snapped off like someone tried a gear puller on it. Left bb cup had threaded out as far as it could. Front der twisted. Just ugly with the yellow...
  14. rickpaulos

    Schwinn Traveler single speed conversion.

    Schwinn Traveler made in japan about 1980. 23" frame 27" wheels. the original crank was bent, one pedal missing, rear der missing. Rather scratched up. The white primer really shows off the scratches in the red paint. tore it all down for a good cleaning, touch up paint, clear coat, wax. Kept...
  15. rickpaulos

    Huffy Back Water conversion to 27.5 single speed

    1980s Huffy attempt at a mountain bike. Frame & fork retrieved from the scrap bin. Add a pair of cheap 27.5 wheels in matching color. I replaced the rear hub with a coaster. Ground out the fork to take the larger axle. Change spacing on the hubs so they would fit. Angle grinder to remove the...
  16. rickpaulos

    Ugly bike

    A Quest bso that got a tape treatment. I removed the brakes, gears, ground off all the cable stops and brake mounts. A quick primer spray and paint on the bare metal. Rebuild the rear wheel with a coaster hub. angle grinder to remove the extra sprockets. (rivets). replaced the seat post with...
  17. rickpaulos

    Do fat bikes float?

  18. rickpaulos

    one ugly Trek and a John Deere

    Trek 800 covered in stickers. BB is junk and it won't budge. 24" crescent wrench with another 18" cheater bar and I can't get either side to move. Liquid Wrench hasn't worked. John Deere. Men's 10 speed from the early 1970s. Pretty clean. Minus the wheels and drive train. Someone...
  19. rickpaulos

    A Missing Schwinn (a missing summer)

    build thread here: more bike photos here: more derecho photos here:
  20. rickpaulos

    unusual f to m mods

    This bike belongs to a visitor at our local bike coop. He said it had a top bar added at some time but it had been removed. So he (or a helper) added a new top bar. It is an unusual way of doing it. Lets the seat sit back farther but you have no vertical height adjustment. I also noticed some...