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  1. Pushie Pirate

    Problems logging in?

    Really weird this one, just got a new computer and I can't login? Can log onto my old one with my orginal username and password, new computer can't login? Yes have tried login out and in on the old computer, no dramas, any idea what is going on would be grateful? Thank you in advance, PP.
  2. Pushie Pirate

    Volksrod/buggy pedal powered

    As with us all no work so into various projects at home, been a VW fan for years, had both 1960 and 64 split window Kombis also an ex Australian Army nine seater Kombi, wish I'd kept one of them worth a Kings ransom these days! Time has flown, ten years ago nearly I saved this old J & S buggy...
  3. Pushie Pirate

    Rat Beer bike

    Merry Christmas everyone, been out of the loop but still lurking bike wise, still building stuff like a couple of tributes to my beloved Volkswagon. VW shrine made from some bits I have collected over the years, been stashed in a box finally got my act together and made a sort of si-fi VW...
  4. Pushie Pirate

    Chinese bike graveyards

    Been off bike construction of late, been riding a lot but not much building, still lurking here a bit. Found these great images, bike graveyards that are to be honest art!
  5. Pushie Pirate

    Australian Motorcycle museum

    Having a winter break on the big island, visiting a mate who lives close to an awesome place for my interests, the Australian Motorcycle Museum which is located at a small town Nabiac on the Pacific highway north of Newcastle, NSW. Over 800 motorcycles...
  6. Pushie Pirate

    Long and Low version 2 (Another entry done and dusted!)

    Really enjoyed being given the incentive to get a couple of unfinished projects finished off, very satisfying. Thank you to the behind the scenes folks who make all this happen, we are all grateful. Build thread...
  7. Pushie Pirate

    Long and Low (version 2)

    When this BO was started I had four unfinished projects, finished the Truck trike recently, link \/. Have decided seeing as we have over a month to go will have a go at another one I had up the back of the...
  8. Pushie Pirate

    Trucktrike done and dusted

    Managed to get this one ready to roll, thanks to all behind the scenes. Build thread.
  9. Pushie Pirate

    Trucktrike WBO 2017 (Done)

    Happy New Year to all from one of the first places in Oz to greet the New Year. I really like the idea of finishing off a previous build, like many it seems over in the discussion thread. I have four unfinished at present so thanks for the extra motivation to get one of them done! Started this...
  10. Pushie Pirate

    Salt Flat Racer "Alloy & Salt"

    Latest score from the local Waste Management Facility, she's a Haro, all alloy frame with a disk brake rear wheel. Plans for her, alloy and salt a hint to what's planned?! Haro Railer SS, found a bit on her here, gee they were a bit pricy new...
  11. Pushie Pirate

    Hauling Hog (I hope)

    I'm in, bit on work-wise but what the! Always liked bikes that have a bit of purpose and hate waste so will be building a trike with a tray using the front half of the rear half I used on Humulis Hog. Like the hog and most of my builds plan to be low, looking up at other cyclists, this one will...
  12. Pushie Pirate

    Bike Jokes?

    Hi folks a friend of mine wants to make a tongue in cheek movie about tough bikies who ride pedals cycles, he has asked to use some of my bikes which is nice. Hoping some of you may be kind enough to share some one liners or jokes referring to cycling. Thank you.......PP.
  13. Pushie Pirate

    Boardtracker/motorcycle thread

    There are so many great board tracker motorcycle builds on this forum but sometimes they are hard to find? I was wondering if it may be possible to have a title page dedicated to all these great builds? Yes I am a fan of such machines!!!!!!
  14. Pushie Pirate

    MBBO #IV Class II Humilis Hog (finished)

    The Humilis Hog done and dusted! Build thread below. From this…….. To this, last year's MB build off, never liked her. To this.
  15. Pushie Pirate

    All the Indians

    All my scratch built Indian cycles together, “The Tribe” yep I got it bad!
  16. Pushie Pirate

    A couple of Rats

  17. Pushie Pirate

    1914 Indian Replica

    My 1914 Indian replica out on the recently resealed airstrip, Lord Howe Island, 700 odd klms north east of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Here's a link to the full build.
  18. Pushie Pirate

    (MBBO #4 Class 2) Humilis Hog

    I'm in, as stated earlier will cut up one I did last year, going to take the whole situation lower to Terra firma (hard ground) and to maintain the low theme "Humilis Hog" Latin for Low Hog! (yep bit corny, sorry!) So a while back scored four, the mother load of these e bike choppers, the...
  19. Pushie Pirate

    A couple of Canti's

    Couple I pulled off the scrape pile and cleaned up will sell them to finance future projects, only mod laid back the seat post.
  20. Pushie Pirate

    Gentleman's Indian cycle

    Phew made it, here's mine, 1920's gentleman's Indian cycle, had fun! Link to build!