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  1. rickpaulos

    are mid 70s 10 speed questions allowed in ratrods?

    See this wiki page for info about Roger. Former pro bike racer in the late 1950s (doper before there were tests), spinal injury during le Tour du France, never regained full use of his body, died at age 40. Your bike was a tribute bike from...
  2. rickpaulos

    Macro Monday! Show that zoomed-in detail shot on Monday

    Inside Out. Tri Diamond bmx 14 tooth freewheels The one on the right was on a kids bike. The left hand threaded cone un-threaded and dumped the bearings, pawls and pawl spring out. Replaced with the one on the left.
  3. rickpaulos


    I've cut the weight of many ef Schwinns by about 9 pounds by taking off the especially heavy Schwinn steel rims, those useless Huret derailleurs and barely functioning Weinman brakes. From about 42 to 33 pounds or so. The camelback frames are usually the smallest size in each model that came...
  4. rickpaulos

    BMX bikes.Lets see'em!!!

    1999 or 2000 Rhino Turn-n-Burn in pretty good shape. A fresh donation at the local bike coop. From Dynacraft. Serial starts with 00TD so that makes it a 2000. But the assembly date sticker is 1.11.1999. so November 11, 1999 build. Only issue is the seat is torn loose a bit along the edge. Oh...
  5. rickpaulos


    Genuine Schwinn Approved (by Union of Germany) pedals installed and the creaking and popping is almost completely gone.
  6. rickpaulos

    finished build location?

    Or "Oh oh, @rickpaulos is already done? I can do better than that" :) I'm sure you can. Or "that isn't my idea of a rat rod. Here is mine." Thanks to this site for not discussing what a rat rod is and the overall positive attitude. It's not about how quick the build goes. With over 4...
  7. rickpaulos


    And I saw this at a swap meet in 2021. Looks to be a Speedster or Racer single speed with an Exerciser sprocket.
  8. rickpaulos


    I saw this Murray on the WWW years ago and it is a favorite photo.
  9. rickpaulos

    Bikes at Sunset

    my rrbbo 2022 entry
  10. rickpaulos


    Tires arrived today so a push to get it done. Turns out the rear coaster brake hub axle was bent in two places. So much so the hub wouldn't work properly. Replaced the axle with a straight one from another hub. The hub shell is creaking and groaning so I may have to replace the entire hub. I...
  11. rickpaulos

    finished build location?

    Done. More or less. Where to post?
  12. rickpaulos


    Its kinda trashed. It has sting ray bars so I suspect it got lots of wheelies and the smashing back to earth bent the fork out. It's an early model with downtube shift levers. I'll be striping it for parts when I get around to clearing the pile.
  13. rickpaulos

    Bike for my son

    Wow, on that link the OP posted, the editors choice for best bike is about as bad as kids bikes can be. It appears they did their clueless "research" for on line purchases without actually going to a quality bike shop. Clearly they don't know about good bikes. The title should have included...
  14. rickpaulos


    The brown seat I initially put on the bike turns out to be broken. Same Mesinger saddle that Schwinn used but it came off a Free Spirit Sunbird (Sears) bike. Nice looking cover that removes. I'll try to find another Mesinger base to put in on for another build someday. A couple hours in the...
  15. rickpaulos

    Bikes at Sunset

    Wendy's Corvette
  16. rickpaulos

    Cut and Thread sopkes ?

    A die for cutting spoke threads? for what size spoke? They come in different gauges. measured in SWG, metric or decimal inches depending on the manufacturer and era. cutting threads means removing material which makes it weaker. Most spokes break at the end of the threads or pop the head...
  17. rickpaulos

    Yard Art Gallery ( bikes as yard decorations)

    Let see those bikes that have been placed as decorations. With or without flowers or vines. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, Rust to Rust. RIP (rust in place) .
  18. rickpaulos


    Pulled 3 more Schwinn seats from the parts supply. The Schwinn Approved triangle shaped logo seat, probably from the 1960s weighed 1.8 pounds! No wonder those old Schwinns were so heavy. The most comfortable feeling one turns out has a shattered plastic base. Trashed. The modern green seat...
  19. rickpaulos

    Freehub center hole/spline size questions

    BTW, you don't need the plastic guard to keep the derailleur out of the spokes. Every brand/model of freewheel has different spline patterns, shoulder diameters, threaded cog thread specs, etc. Using a multi cog freewheel like you did really simplifies chain line issues. Standard 1-cog...