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  1. vibr8shun

    Solid ST8

    Ok its been 2 years since my last build (been busy with work) and I'm finally throwing my hat in the ring with this awesome frame I bought from Rustmotors back in 2010. I'm going to build an era correct Klunker using this prewar Schwinn frame...and will "TRY" to use BMX components from the...
  2. vibr8shun

    Coolest way to get on a bike

    I just had to rewind a couple of times and watch the first 8 seconds of how this guy got on his bike...I tried it, got the bike up, smacked my shin and got tossed to the other side :oops: I'll try it again when my leg and ego feels better...maybe I'm too old or my cruiser is too heavy :roll...
  3. vibr8shun

    DXtra Mile (Bowing Out BOO HOO )

    Ok, I thought I'll throw in a 39' Schwinn DX in the mix and see where it goes. I know I can't make everybody happy with what I'm about to do with this frame... "ooh what a wonderful patina...keep the history"- Purist "Aw man, the things full of pitting and rust...rattle can, rattle can, rattle...
  4. vibr8shun

    RIKI-TIKI-RATI Completed

    ...coming out like the explosive lava from the Mauna Kea volcano in Hawaii......RIKI-TIKI-RATI :!: :!: :!: Driftwood surfboard rack Son: ...hey dad, what will happen if you put your finger in the chainwheel? RR Dad:...silly boy, they become valve covers...uhhh...pull my finger...
  5. vibr8shun

    Riki-Tiki-Rati (update "mystical driftwood tank")

    ...Hailing from Philadelphia by way of Hawaii with a stop-over in San Deigo,Ca...I present to you the 50's Schwinn DX's transformation. I would describe this build as the collision of the Kona volcano Klunkers meets the Rat-Rodders. Yes!!!full of danger and exotic excitment!!! ....I dub thee...
  6. vibr8shun

    Aloha from Philly

    ...Hi, I joined a while ago just to see and admire all the sweet rides. Yep, I'm from Hawaii but moved to Philadelphia, Pa. to look for a better job when the housing market crashed (I worked in construction). Sold my motorcycle(77' BMW cafe racer) to pay for the move...and realized...hey, I...