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  1. fordsnake


    Check out is a game changer in the Ebike market! It's due to launch in Sept 2017.
  2. fordsnake


    “Fenix” is a different twist on the name of a mythological bird that regenerated new life from ashes. The legendary bird recycles its own life in the legends of different cultures; Egyptian, Chinese, and Greek. The Back Story This bike had many transformations over the months…I...
  3. fordsnake

    FENIX- Finished!

    A different twist on the name of a mythological bird that regenerates new life from the ashes. The legendary bird recycles its own life in the legends of different cultures, Egyptian, Chinese, Greek, etc. I hope to do something worthy of this symbolic bird with this Micargi frame I picked up at...
  4. fordsnake

    My first eBike

    The LBS where I volunteer, recently obtained several discarded Stromer E-Bikes...yes, these were dumped at the local refuge center! These are $4,000 bikes ea.; tossed among the garbage, buried under piles of trash (how they wound up there is another story). Many of the aluminum frames were...
  5. fordsnake


    Here's an abbreviated journal of Enigma's build, if you’d like you can see its entirety by clicking on the link. My objective was to have all of the parts attached without welding or cutting the frame, so that the bike can...
  6. fordsnake


    This year I wanted to step away from the Jules Vern genre and build something fierce and road worthy. As with all of my builds I love frames that are vintage and I’ll do everything possible to keep these survivors around a little bit longer. My challenge was to create a unique transformation...
  7. fordsnake


    The challenge was to take a derelict bike and give it a new life. Transform it into something besides a utilitarian rider but also one that's visually captivating! A worthy brethren of last years Mofaux; the Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon theme. This year I found myself again influenced by Jules...
  8. fordsnake

    Retro Direct - going backwards and forwards

    Apparently there's nothing new here with this loopy idea, its been around since 1867. :lol: :lol: I originally posted the below image and article under my build in the RRBO8 competition, I'm definitely considering building this for next year's build off? I'd like to thank RRB member...
  9. fordsnake


    This is the Reader’s Digest version of my build…I thought it best if it were abbreviated. You’re welcome to view my entire journal at the end of this post. Enjoy. I started with a 1941 Cleveland Welding Company Roadmaster for my build. I have an affinity with the CWC frames. The challenge was...
  10. fordsnake

    MoFaux – blast off!

    After completing my first build "Mofo" for RRBO7, I was amazed that I had some extra time left and challenged myself to build another bike…this Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon theme was one I didn’t see coming, thanks Kingfish for the inspiration…check out MOFO>...
  11. fordsnake

    Mofo / MoFaux 8/1 They're Done!

    I've been working on bikes it seems all of my life, and overtime I have stockpiled too many parts. Before I toss them on eBay or take them to a swap meet I’ve decided this would be a good venue to see what I can build with these left over parts? Hence my theme, Mustgo — everything in my garage...