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  1. drabe

    The Bonneville Roadster

  2. drabe

    The Bonneville Roadster - More Pics!

    Here's the build thread... These are 'outtakes' from the various locations I scouted for my 'finished' pics.
  3. drabe

    BOTEN - The Bonneville Roadster FINISHED!

    I've been wanting to do a build-off for years but the stars never aligned, so I'm excited about finally having something to enter. Using a Dyno Roadster that had long been abandoned after a failed repaint, I decided to go with no paint! I tried a variety of methods for removing the paint...
  4. drabe

    '50s Huffy Tank Bike

    Made a little road trip to pick this one up but it was worth it, despite the seriously whomped wheels, everything else is straight! I love how you can still see the ghost images of the decals. It's all original too but check out the 'tiger' grips!
  5. drabe

    RedLine 'Rain City' chopper

    Here's one you don't see everyday, a Red Line 'Rain City' chopper! A riding buddy had this sitting in his garage since practically new and he had only ridden it a few times. When I first saw it I just about flipped, I'd never seen a more chopper-looking bike (front and rear disc brakes, belt...
  6. drabe

    Schwinn finds

    I haven't posted anything over the past 6 or 8 months, so I figured it was about time to show some of the stuff I've picked up over that time. I'm not into muscle bikes, but I know to grab them when I see them! First up is a Stingray I picked up at an estate sale, it has a Sturmey 3 speed...
  7. drabe

    Couple of Schwinns fell from the sky

    I got calls from two different people this past weekend, each had Schwinn's that the lbs didn't want. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with either one yet. The green one is a '79 Colliegiate 3-speed that looks to be in pretty decent shape. The copper one is a '64 Varsity 10-speed that's...
  8. drabe

    Vinyl decal how-to

    I recently restored a Murray Jet-Fire (see build thread; viewtopic.php?f=21&t=35534 ), before I got started I knew that I would be repainting the bike and would need replacement decals. I looked high and low and no one makes or reproduces decals for this particular bike, so I decided to have...
  9. drabe

    Murray Jet-Fire restoration

    I recently restored a '59 Schwinn Fair Lady for a buddy of mine over the winter (see thread; viewtopic.php?f=21&t=35518). This Murray Jet-Fire was the brother bike to the Schwinn, both were found in a barn and belonged to my buddy's mother and her siblings (there is another Murray (womens) bike...
  10. drabe

    '59 Schwinn Fair Lady restoration

    I recently restored this '59 Schwinn Fair Lady for a buddy of mine over the winter (Sept. thru Dec.). The goal was to have it finished by Christmas but the last box of parts didn't show up until 3:30 the afternoon of Christmas eve! This and two Murrays (I also restored a Murray Jet-Fire and I...
  11. drabe

    R.I.P., Larry Watson

    For those who may not have heard Larry Watson passed away over night. For those that may not know who Larry Watson was, he was a very influential custom car painter that started out working with George Barris back in the 50's. Later his type of painting was referred to as 'Watson style'...
  12. drabe

    Upcoming May events in Houston

    First off is the 12th annual Vintage Bicycle Fest on May 1st (Sat.) @ Hickory Hollow Restaurant (101 Heights Blvd. Houston, Texas- google it). Hours are 8:00 to 2:00. Includes free limited space for swap meet, also there will be a People's Choice award for best bike (that's the only award...
  13. drabe

    Bike swap meet in Pearland, Tx (south of Houston) March 13th

    Posting this for my buddy Greg. Big (hopefully) bike swap meet this Saturday (March 13th). Big parking lot on busy main street in Pearland this Saturday. Should be a great turn out! Hopefully the weather will be nice!
  14. drabe

    I was blind, but now I see!!

    I'm back! :D :D I haven't been posting in over a month (or so) due to the corporate powers at work blocking Photobucket (they tagged that site as 'media sharing'), apparently it is now a violation of corporate policy, etc... :x :x :!: :!: Therefore I can't post or see pics on this forum...
  15. drabe

    Does it ever end?

    I've only been back into the bike scene for a short while and all of a sudden bikes are falling from the sky! Now I've got to learn to say no, but some deals are too good to pass up! All of the following took place over the last week: First, my buddy Ron showed me an abandoned chopper project...
  16. drabe

    Another estate sale find...what is it?

    I played hooky from work last Friday and went estate sale shopping and brought this home. It's missing the headbadge and I'm thinking it's a '60s or so Western Flyer but I'm not exactly sure (I haven't looked for any numbers yet). Any ideas? This may become my first rat rod build eventually...
  17. drabe

    Western Flyer 'Cosmic Flyer'

    A buddy of mine has had several old cruiser bikes for years but has no time to work on them. For months I've been pestering him to at least let me go thru them and get them ridable (at no charge even!). Anyway, a couple of weeks ago he calls and says he wants me to ' lightly restore' or clean...
  18. drabe

    All-Pro Stingray copy 'restoration'

    I recently picked this up at an estate sale for my 9 year old nephew. Whenever he comes over we'd borrow the neighbors kid's BMX bike for him to ride ('cause I don't have any 20" bikes, at least I didn't at the time). I'd told him we'd have to get him a cooler bike, then he mentioned wanting a...
  19. drabe

    Krusty JC Higgins

    Just picked this up at the Hurst Swap Meet a couple of weeks ago (bought it from Okie after my wife pointed it out, I probably walked past it twice without even noticing it) and man do I love it! All I've done was go thru the bearings and added a couple of details, plans are to leave it as is...
  20. drabe

    My '75 Columbia Sport Restoration

    This thread is real similar to my '79 Schwinn Collegiate thread, (viewtopic.php?f=10&t=21093) all I have are before and after pics. Like the Schwinn, this one was in really good original condition, so all I had to do was buff the paint, polish the chrome and add new tires & tubes (of course, I...