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  1. motorcitygearjammer

    pair of roadmasters

    hi I picked up this pair of 26" roadmaster. they seem to be all original and some cool parts on them. the boys bike ID# is K55808 and the girls is J35297 there is No Cw stamp on the bottom by the # just the # if someone could help with the years. thanks and heres some pics.thanks for any info.
  2. motorcitygearjammer

    the Bagger

    Hi everyone I'm jumpin in BONINE with this Monark built, Rocket badge 26" tanker. Here's a picture of what I'm starting with. After looking over the bike and seeing the crash bars, dual exhaust I keep thinking of a full dress bagger. So instead of chopping and ripping parts off of it, I am...
  3. motorcitygearjammer


    HI everyone, I'm join in the fun of build off #8. and what I'm seeing there are going to be some great looking bikes being built. well I'm starting out with a 20" winchester straight bar frame heres a pic. of it. and GOOD LUCK to all.
  4. motorcitygearjammer

    better late than never.. built it my way (more pics added)

    Here are some pictures of the 1951 Schwinn that I put together for the contest. It's nothing fancy but it's rideable. I completed it in a few short weeks, but still had fun doing it. Thanks again for letting me participate, It's hard to decide who to vote for, there are so many nice bikes again...
  5. motorcitygearjammer

    better late than never

    I just bought this frame and forks, I know I don't have much time to finish it for the buildoff so it's gonna be cheap, fast and simple and by the rules. I'm digging thru some old parts now to see what I can come up with. I just can't sit back and watch everyone else building and having fun...
  6. motorcitygearjammer

    Feelin Blue

    Hi here is my Western Flyer, I hope you like it, to see more pics. go to build off #6 under Feelin Blue. thanks
  7. motorcitygearjammer

    Feelin' Blue

    Took it off the stand today and went outside to play! Took it for a ride and enjoyed it. Very easy and comfortable to ride. Herer's some finished pictures... Feelin' cool, not so blue
  8. motorcitygearjammer

    Feelin' Blue

    Hi, Thought I would try my hand at joining you all in the buildoff #6, you all make it look like so much fun. Here is what I started with, a Western Flyer, I don't know what year it is. (if anyone else does I appreciate the info) Just thought it was a good looking frame and accessories for $30...
  9. motorcitygearjammer

    My Hot Rod Evans

    Hi, I'm new to the site and new to the bike world. I love what I've been seeing on RRB, you all build some cool bikes. Here are some pictures of my Hot Rod Evans. It is my first attempt, what do you think?