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  1. FatBoy

    His and Hers Collegiate

    Scored a set of Collegiate His and Hers bicycles.His is a Montgomery Wards oped road and Hers a Columbia Commuter both Brown and Orange. Nice set barely ridden both 3 speeds work nice to crusie around the car shows and camping parks.
  2. FatBoy

    Trike for Mendez

    I havent been building for awhile so this reignited my bike building interest.One of my employees asked if i would get his old trike going for him and i couldnt say no.I didnt document as much as i should have but it turned out if i can figure out how to get the pics from my phone on to...
  3. FatBoy

    Big Daddy Rat Fink Motor Scooter

  4. FatBoy

    bikes will be on the back burner while I build my 59 VW !!!

    Ive been trying to find a pre 1968 VW bus for over 20 years and today I finally drug one home!!!!! :D I know everyone hopes to find the 21,23 window but unless you have thousands good luck.I found this one 7 years ago and tried leaving my phone # once a month for 5 years with not so much as a...
  5. FatBoy

    Sidewayz Trike DONE with Video " Sold Sold Sold "

    Heres something ive been playing with for a bit so I figured id post it.I picked up a Zephyr trike a while back so I could use the back half on my ol Higgins and use the front half to make my Son a Dift Trike.After watchin the videos on Youtube It makes me wish I was a kid again..So heres some...
  6. FatBoy

    I Bet You Cant Rat This!!!

    So my Son was hangin out with me and said I want to build something.So out of all the frames and such laying around he picks out the bottom section of a old Razor scooter missing the headset and bars.He says ,I bet you cant Rat this :lol: .So of course I say do you want to bet!!!In a matter of...
  7. FatBoy

    "Apple of my Eye" built for Daddys Little Girl

    This was inspired by my Daughter And built for her with her ideas! She picked everything on this bike from color to the springer front,I think we have a future builder here..It was a lot of fun to see her creativity and the perma grin she has while riding her pride and joy!!This started out as a...
  8. FatBoy

    HELP!!! Big Daddy Lost his Taillight

    The other day on a 2 mile ride My taillight rattled loose and hit the road! :( I was bummed because it was old and a perfect fit...So I walked the route I took round trip with no luck.So im hoping another member might have one in there stock pile and might want to let go..So if anyone has one...
  9. FatBoy

    "Apple of my Eye" Finished

    I know its a late start and I didnt think I would have an entry this year but since this came up I guess im in! My Daughter has wanted me to build a Bratz bike for her since Ive had the frame for 6 months,but the parts were so cheap and rusty it wasnt worth saving...Then today I scored all the...
  10. FatBoy

    Wally World is going BIG!!!!

    Went to Wal Mart today and you know you have to walk through the bicycle section,and there it was a 32" cruiser for 199.00! Looked descent and in a few different colors.Its a aluminum frame that would look better with the top bar flipped but it would be hard to get your leg over.Anyway I might...
  11. FatBoy

    Lets See What Your Welding With!!!!

    I guess the first thing most guys build when they bring there first welder home is a cart to put it on....Heres my Harbor Freight Flux core Special I bought 5 years ago,I know there bottom of the barrel but this thing has never let me down.I built the cart the night I got it home out of a angle...
  12. FatBoy

    West Coast Cheese Head... Finally given to its Owner

    Im building this West Coast Chopper for my brother inlaw who is a huge Green Bay Packer fan.I allready put a 26" up front a 24" out back ,Occ forks,some bars I cut up for it and a smaller crans set.This was gonna be my BO7 bike but I might end up stretching it about 10" and that wouldnt be...
  13. FatBoy

    Its Old but Is it Worth it?

    Looks cool but not sure if its worth the price or restoring?
  14. FatBoy

    Rat Fink got a motor!!Finished"Now with VIDEO"and Disc Brake

    I built ths Scooter a while back Big Daddy Rat Fink tribute and now it gettin motorized! I picked up this 80cc engine on CL for cheap and im in the process of converting the scooter.This is gonna be fun!So far im porting and polishing the intake and exhaust,got a 48 tooth rear sprocket for the...
  15. FatBoy

    Aluminum Fixed Cruiser "SOLD"

    I picked up this frame the other day thinkin it would look good streched but im not great a welding aluminum so that idea got ditched.I thought for a bit and threw on a set of 700 Bontrager wheels with a single speed freewheel and a some 23c WW tires,a Velo saddle and straight handle bars.There...
  16. FatBoy

    Anyone ever seen this Builder???

    I saw these two builds at a consignment shop in Cambria Ca. One is a girls Schwinn cruiser Flipped ,chopped,streched and has a crazy front end made with a sideways fork!The other is made from a headboard tube with a plexiglass insert connecting the BB. Both are Pretty complex builds and the...
  17. FatBoy

    Fellow Ratters builds and a crazy ol trike

    I found these two rat builds at a consignment shop and the trike at a gardening shop in Cambria Ca 8) :mrgreen:
  18. FatBoy

    Skinny Jesse

    Well I called a scrap guy to haul off a bunch of excess frames and such that are cut up ur picked apart and my son wanted to rescue some stuff and build a chopper.We threw together a Jesse James WCC frame,cut down BMX bars,Bratz wheels and WWtires,ans a Occ front end,he wants to put a banana...
  19. FatBoy

    Gonna Build a Hot Rod

    I swear these things find me sometimes and im glad they do!Behind my shop someone ditched a Bratz lowrider so I had to bring it home :) I can appreciate all the work and pride in a nice lowrider bike it just really isnt my thing. I do like the old muscle bikes so I think Im gonna make this brat...
  20. FatBoy

    Schwinn Roadster Rat Tricycle "the Wagon is here"

    After much insperation from jgoodwill I decided to rat out a tricycle for my nephew.Im going to lower it,rake the front,satin black the frame,redo the fenders,paint the wheels red,white wall the tires,and make him a junior rat to roll around on.I might not be done by x mas but I wont see him for...