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  1. Dr. Sizzle

    The PinkWidow

    OK So my 9yr old daughter decided she was ready to build her first bike. Since here current bike was a 16" BRATZ bike and she is growing like a sumac tree, I was enthusiastic. Ratina came through with the 20" 64' Schwinn Fiesta. Pretty rare bike since the only made them in 20" for one year. I...
  2. Dr. Sizzle

    Dr. Sizzle's "The Wolf bike Bobber"

    Well it's raining and cold here and what's better to do than to build the next bike in my monster bike series. I've acquired this 1936 Rollfast Harvard frame right after finishing the Nasferatu bike for the RRBB04. I've always love this frame and was excited to build something really cool with...
  3. Dr. Sizzle

    Hey What's up From Philly/NJ

    What's up. I been on here for about a year and a half? I think, mostly as an observer but have been building bikes since I could ride them. Wasn't until about 2-3yrs ago I decided to build bikes with the same style as early hot rods with my boy Mike. Then we found this site and all heck broke...
  4. Dr. Sizzle

    Dr. Sizzle's "Nasferatu - The Koffin Kruiser" MORE PIX!!

    Well what's done is done. I it's been raining so I had to do my best as far as photos in the house till tomorrow morning. I may take it to Englishtown NJ car and old school drags tomorrow and hopefully get some photos of it there. For now this is it.
  5. Dr. Sizzle

    Dr. Sizzle's "Nasferatu - The Koffin Kruiser"

    OK I wanted my first bike post to be my first build of this series. But I never got around to it. So I am starting off with my RRBB04 Build. The Nasferatu- Koffin Kruiser. I decided to theme my builds based on Classic movie monsters. The only real connection my builds have to movie monsters are...
  6. Dr. Sizzle

    Black 26" Cruiser Wheels????????

    Anyone know where I can get a set of 26" Black Cruiser wheels? I'm searching like crazy but All I can find are Chrome ones with 36-144 spokes. Not really my taste for Rat Rodding a bike. That's more like Low rider stuff. I don't wanna spend a whole lot either. $60 for a set or some thing close...