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  1. Georgeediii


    The 20x20 Huffy Slangshot... I started out with the rusty carcass of a 5 speed 68? Rail. It has Coast King badge and was originally marketed as a Rail Cougar 5 but it's a Slangshot now! The biggest cchangei made was to the fork. I was short on both 16" wheels and slingshot forks so I made...
  2. Georgeediii

    Class 1 or Class 2?

    Seems like there are quite a few bikes in Class 2 that fit the criteria for Class 1. Am I missing something? Why enter a muscle bike build in Class 2?
  3. Georgeediii

    Huffy Slangshot (formerly the Crusty Cougar)

    I am late to the party but I am in with this Coast to Coast Rail Cougar 5. The last build off I entered I was unable to finish within the time frame but this time I have a pretty clear vision and most of what I will need on hand.
  4. Georgeediii

    Schwinn Jaguar

    This Jag needs some love but most of it is there. $250 + shipping
  5. Georgeediii

    Lucky Brake ... class 1

    It has been a while but I will throw my hat in the ring for this one. I recently bought out a ton of Huffy parts and included in the deal was later rail frame with enormous dropouts welded on. As I dug farther into the pile I also found a handful of early Huffy disc brakes and wheels...
  6. Georgeediii

    tall sissy bar

    Looking for a tall sissy bar. Doesnt matter what style/manufacturer, as long as it is around 48 inches. Let me know what you've got, I've got cash.
  7. Georgeediii


    I have been kicking this idea around for a while and think it's time to give it a crack. In an effort not to tarnish my RRB reputation :rofl: I will try to keep the close ups to a minimum.
  8. Georgeediii

    Post Traumatic Super Deluxe

    This bike is unlike anything I have seen before. As best as I can tell it was VERY CLOSE to a fire. My best theory is that it was leaning up against a building that was next to a building that caught on fire. The paint is far from perfect but doesn't have the kind of damage you might...
  9. Georgeediii

    Schwinn Exorciser

    I present to you the Sunday Driver, aka the Holy Schwinn That's Cool, aka the Holy Rollin' Emperor, aka Fully Pastorized, aka Nun Yo Business, aka Jason Preistly, aka History Channel's American Vickers or as I like to call it....The Schwinn Exorcisor. I built this bike around the license plate...
  10. Georgeediii

    SOLD RamRod Chopper

    Thinning out projects. This one is exactly like I got it. I do have 1 of the 2 sissy struts that is not in the picture. $250+shipping . These are difficult bikes to find.
  11. Georgeediii

    Springer Tanker Project

    A deal fell through for this Harris built Hawthorne and now its all boxed up with no place to go. I believe that most of it is original but the tank is not. The tank has had some metal work done on it. You can tell from the inside however it was done pretty well. I do have both sides of...
  12. Georgeediii

    1980 Huffy Lightning BMX

    This little bike is not your average convertible. The welds and chrome are far superior to any Headstrom bike ever made. I believe the serial number shows it is a 1980 and it is sporting very early stamped Sun Metal Prod. rims. Someone putt a sticker on the headtube but it is a Huffy...
  13. Georgeediii

    Schwinn Exorciser w/ VIDEO update

    I'm in with this pile I picked up back in November. I was going to save it for the big BO but I want this one to be ready so I can get some exorsizing in on it by Spring.
  14. Georgeediii

    SOLD Tornado patina

    Any takers on this Tornado with tons of patina? I havent tested the light but it is all there and isnt corroded but the light was repainted long ago. Front fender is pinched in at the truss rods and the previous owner oiled up the paint to give it a glossy sheen. $250 includes shipping.
  15. Georgeediii

    Shelby No Holes

    Last week I picked up this ugly 30's Shelby wishbone frame. This particular frame has no holes in the headtube for a badge. This is a tell tale sign that it was a Supreme with the big wrap around tank. The frame has two issues and since I dont have the skills to fix them properly, I decided...
  16. Georgeediii

    Lazy Number Scratchers

    Just want to say this outloud.... Please stop sanding through the original paint to see what the serial numbers are. Most of the time it is unnecessary and often no help or significance to IDing or dating the bike... That is all.
  17. Georgeediii

    Wisconsin Club T-Shirts

    I have some extra shirts we made for our local club "2 Tired Wisconsin" that feature our copywritten logo. They are available in Black or Sand color and I have sizes S-M-L-XL. Sorry the grey shirts sold out. Cost is $20 shipped to your door.
  18. Georgeediii

    The Dude abides

    Anybody got any thoughts on the value of this pedal car? I don't normally pick these up but its a woody and its called "Dude Wagon" so I felt like the universe was leaving me little choice.
  19. Georgeediii

    SOLD Schwinn Straight Bar Klunker or whatever..

    This klunker is ready to ride or a good start to your project. The tank is real and is in nice shape. I believe that it is original to the frame along with the guard, bars/stem, truss rods and crank. It was painted poorly before I got it, the stickers on the tank and guard are my fault...
  20. Georgeediii

    Riverside Hoodride

    My inspiration came from the Hoodride scene in the Volkswagen world and a J.C. Higgins pistol grip fishing rod. Put the two together and you get the Riverside Hoodride. The front end has been lowered and stretched, if its on there its functional and 99% of the rust is real.