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  1. dragnusa

    BO15 Scentastic

    My wife has a direct sales business and I have always wanted to build her a bike themed around her business. Her team name is Team Scentastic. So thats what I'm calling it. Plans are to paint it purple and green, since most of the chrome is shot I will probably go with a brushed look there. And...
  2. dragnusa

    Deere John

    Did't think I was going to be able to finish but God gave me a beautiful day today to get it finished. Have a couple inches of snow and slush so only got to take it for a short ride but rode about as good as any in the slush. I present to you " DEERE JOHN"
  3. dragnusa

    Kent tandem

    Normally don't go out of my way to get a kent, but been wanting a tandem for a while and this came up for sale 35 miles away. So me and my youngest made a little road trip to pick it up. Wouldn't have loaded it up like this normally but was traveling some narrow 2 lane roads and didn't want it...
  4. dragnusa

    Safe-lite mag

    Got this with the other bikes but forgot it in the truck, I need to find the guts for it. But until then I'm going to clean it up and add it to my mag collection.
  5. dragnusa

    Hoard haul

    Drove 35 miles each way to look at a hoard of bikes my friends dad had picked up over the years, had no idea what to expect. Don't think I did to bad for them being free. AMF Rocket trike, will be restored and put away until I have grand kids Chrome mountain bike for a friend Western flyer I...
  6. dragnusa

    Deere John

    Hadn't planned on building anything this winter, just polishing on my Hawthorne,Silver king bike. Until I came across this John Deere seat the other day while parts picking, the frame is some mystery frame my son picked a few years ago and never finished stripping, the bars and stem are pre 74...
  7. dragnusa

    What is the hardest part for you too find?

    What is the hardest part for you to find for one of your bikes? Mine would be the gutter fenders and truss rods for my 35 MW Hawthorne duralium.
  8. dragnusa

    Wood rim bikes (Update)

    Have been in contact with a woman about some of her husbands bikes that she wanted help with, I was excited as a little kid in a candy store just getting to see these. Montgomery Wards Hawthorne badged Monark Silver King 1897 to 1899 Gormully & Jeffery dual steer tandem 1899 Columbia model...
  9. dragnusa

    86 Murray Eliminator

    Picked this 86 Murray Eliminator at an auction for $5. Got it for nostalgic reasons, I had an non lugged Murray 10 speed as a kid in the 80s . It had a tacoed back rim which probably explains why it was so nice. Fresh from the auction. After being cleaned, trued and tuned.
  10. dragnusa

    What parts do you always seem to need?

    What parts do you always seem to need but never have enough of? Mine is rebuildable seats and grips.
  11. dragnusa

    Firestone speed cruiser

    So the crazy bicycle guy down the street stopped by after I got home from work looking for big hubed rims for his 4 wheel electric bike build. Ended up with this firestone speed cruiser for a couple 26 inch rims. He had done harvested the rims for his last 4 wheel build but that is not a...
  12. dragnusa

    Gabe's ride. May have been seen on RRB's FB page

    So my youngest went on a 2 week trip with his scout troop and we had built him a hiking cart to pull behind during their 31 mile hike and it only made it the first day (10 miles) and he was really bummed out about it because we had built it together. So while he was still gone I decided to get...
  13. dragnusa

    Nishiki olympic

    Picked this Nishiki Olympic 10 speed at an auction yesterday. Haven't done much with bikes this summer so far but the quick release hubs and the chrome tipped forks grabbed my attention. New tires, tubes, cables and shifter and it will be road worthy.
  14. dragnusa


    I have a chance to pick this up in a trade, Don't know a whole lot about light weight bicycles, try to avoid them most the time but this one seems really clean. Any ideas on age?
  15. dragnusa

    Fire bikes

    So has anyone used bike frames after they have been through a fire? Haven't got to see how bad they got burned yet, but one of my stockpiles out at my dads got burnt up in a field fire. My nicer bikes that was out there was in a barn that the fire didn't get to.
  16. dragnusa

    RIP K Rob

    Rest in Peace K Rob.
  17. dragnusa

    How to clean?

    I'm wanting some ideas on how to clean this without taking off all the old pinstriping, then what are some ideas on how to protect it?
  18. dragnusa

    JC Penneys 3 speed

    So a guy I do some trading with stopped by my house today. He had a bike and some records he wanted to trade. So I had some boxes of old president plates I had got from cleaning out a house so he ended up with plates and I ended up with a Huffy built JC Penneys 26 inch 3 speed bike and s few...
  19. dragnusa


    I can tell it's prewar just not really sure what it's worth. Any info would be helpful.
  20. dragnusa

    Fire victim

    A buddy said he found a bike for me while he was out on a grass fire call. He asked me if I wanted it and who am I to refuse a free bike. Well he sent me a pic of it today. He said it went through the fire and he hoped I could use some parts off it. Will know what is useable Monday. If the frame...