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    Jackz is finished. It is based on Jack from the movie Nightmare Before Christmas. I am glad it snowed before the end off the buildoff. I had a lot of fun building this bike. I learned a lot in the last while taking apart the bike and rebuilding it. It was quite rough before. I like the way it...
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    Newbie Chick From Manitoba

    I am new to this site. I have been around my dads old bikes as far as I can remember. My dad asked if I wanted to build a bike for the buildoff I said I would. I am building a bike called "Jackz". I am going to try and do the work myself but I will need his advice. This is a cool site.
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    I am new to this board. I have been around bikes (my dads) for many years. My dad has a bike he is building for this buildoff (Massey Boardtracker)and asked me if I wanted to build one. I said I would. He gave me a bike and with some advice from him I will try and build it myself. It will be...