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  1. Falstaff

    Any ideas on ID or value

    I knew what the belt drive was. Just not sure on the bike itself.
  2. Falstaff


    Take it apart and start anew... a new build.
  3. Falstaff

    Any ideas on ID or value

    These are the only pics the seller has, she said it's a Dayton but that's all she's got. She's asking $200
  4. Falstaff

    Wooden bicycle. longgg project

    That turned out awesome. You know though, we're gonna want a ride video.🤘
  5. Falstaff

    Good From Afar

    It's always a great idea... Now remember. Always lift with your back, not your legs.
  6. Falstaff

    ⭐ ShowBoatin' ™ ⭐ FINISHING TOUCHES

    Every time someone says Elsa, that freaking song gets stuck in my head.... I really wish I could just... Let it go. 🎵
  7. Falstaff

    '53 Bel Airflow Shelby: The 7th Annual OddJob Awards! Pg 22!

    That's why I'm building a mini boat, only big enough for one.
  8. Falstaff

    Burrito Scooter

    That seat will come in handy for the downhill runs. I should have put one on mine.
  9. Falstaff

    Modern Mechanix 1937 first stretched cruiser

    Looks better than mine.
  10. Falstaff

    Is it a re pop krate?

    I thought the tubes all look a bit bigger than they should be, that's why I wasn't sure.
  11. Falstaff

    Is it a re pop krate?

    A friend of mine sent me these pics of his buddys "original" stingray. To me it looks like a re pop. These are the only pics I have.
  12. Falstaff

    BO16 builders map - Go ahead and set your marker!

    So far just @KJV and I. If I had thought about it, I would have zoomed into my neighborhood. But downtown works.
  13. Falstaff

    Build Off 16 Prize Pot

    With the number plate, klunk/bomber/bmx makes sense. The idea of most votes sounds good. But with the number 187, maybe it could go to the bike that you personally think "murdered" the competition... Though I'm pretty sure we all know who it would go to already.
  14. Falstaff

    ⭐ ShowBoatin' ™ ⭐ FINISHING TOUCHES

    Jack and peanut butter tortillas, breakfast of champions.
  15. Falstaff

    ⭐ ShowBoatin' ™ ⭐ FINISHING TOUCHES

    So. You're saying they're vegan?
  16. Falstaff

    Tweaker's Rehab

    That seat without the sissy bar pad is what we call a B!£(h pad.
  17. Falstaff

    Tweaker's Rehab

    Well... This should be interesting.