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    80's earth cruiser seat tube/post size

    the title pretty much says it. Does anyone know the seat post size these cruisers need? I have one with the post stuck in the frame. The guy I got it from says it takes a 24.8 post and thatbthe one that's in there is original but it's so tight and I'm going to have to work like heck to get it...
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    1959 Columbia torpedo any info?

    Got this to build as a klunker but don't know much about them and don't want to ruin a bike that's all original if it's something worth keeping that way.
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    Columbia torpedo

    anybody know anything about these. I think it's a 61. I plan on a klunker with it.
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    Dyno moto 7

    I have a chance to get one of these for $150 all original in decent shape and wanted to know if it's worth it to build a klunker style bike out of. Thanks
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    Dyno moto 7

    Does anyone know what one of these would be worth all original? they were from 1997 thanks any info would be great.