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    Rust Never Sleeps

    This was going to be my build off bike from last year, but I ran into some headaches trying to build the forks I wanted so I set it aside rather than do a hack job on them. A while back I was looking at the bare frame in my garage and I figured I would try something I had always wanted to play...
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    My wife's new ride- '66 Schwinn

    This one was easy- take it all apart, clean and regrease everything, throw some new tubes, tires and a chain on it and call it done. I got this for her because it was born the same year she was. I thought she would want me to strip it down and repaint it, but she said "I kinda like the old rusty...
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    1977 Stroker II

    My latest restoration, a '77 Two Wheelers Stroker II. This is the bike I wanted when I was about 14. At the time I was racing a modified Schwinn Sting Ray and I wanted an orange Stroker soo bad. It took a few years...35 to be exact, but I finally have my orange Stroker. :mrgreen: Parts...
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    Broke out the airbrush...

    ...for the first time in quite a few years. Every year my kid's school holds an auction to raise money for the graduation dance and upgrades to the school, and I got drafted to come up with something interesting to auction off. We took an adirondack chair and I airbrushed a beach scene on it...
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    Lady in the lake

    While I was busy feeling sorry for myself for not finishing my build-off bike, my sister asked me if I could build something new for her to cruise to the beach with her friends. I built her a beach cruiser that matched her Harley a couple of years ago but lately she's gotten into the rat rod...
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    One day build- Schwinn Runabout

    I've been pretty bummed out lately about the total lack of progress on my Build Off bike, so I figured I'd step away from it and play with something else. I had this rusty and neglected Schwinn Runabout 10 speed sitting in the backyard, so I pulled it out of the weeds to see what I could do with...
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    Today is my anniversary

    21 years of wedded bliss, don't know how she puts up with me. :mrgreen:
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    My new toy

    2012 Felt Virtue Expert. I love my wife. :D
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    Here's my entry for RRBO#7, the "Motivator". It started life as a Motiv beach cruiser from Costco, hopefully I can make it earn a little more respect. I have no idea at all what parts or theme I'm going with...kinda like every other bike I build. :mrgreen:
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    What do I do with this one?

    Just scored this cruiser frame and fork from a buddy of what? BMX style cruiser, klunker, board tracker? Shoot me some ideas :mrgreen:
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    This rotten kid...

    ...this smart-aleck, skateboarding, bmx bike riding, nose picking kid... ...just got inducted into the National Junior Honor Society, and I couldn't be more proud of him.
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    Simple chopper

    This one was pretty easy and way cheap. I found an old Ross mountain bike frame and fork and cut the frame down and rewelded it with a bit of rake. Chopped the ends off the forks and welded some conduit to them, along with some dropouts I made out of scrap steel. Between the conduit and the...
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    No more Bikerodnkustom?

    I know that Jim Wilson passed last year, but I thought his family was going to keep BRnK going. I had been checking it a bit to see if there were any updates, but I hadn't been there in a while. Does anyone know if the family has any plans to bring it back? That site was an amazing source of...
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    Schwinn Racer military build

    I've had this old Schwinn kicking around for a while and I really like some of the military builds that you guys have done, so I guess I'll do one of my own. Any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Tear down!
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    Merry BMXmas!

    Hope everyone has a great Christmas!
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    What do you do with a Walgoose?

    This. I built this for our last Freakbike Militia ride. The wheelie bars are functional. And necessary. :mrgreen:
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    Old Build-off bikes never die...

    ...they just get recycled into new projects. :mrgreen:
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    This is insane riding at it's best.

    Danny McCaskill has amazing balance, Martin Ashton has tons of finesse...this guy is just a beast with huge cojones...and a ton of skill too. ... 5762286001
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    Hybrid theory

    My 11 year old wanted to go mountain biking with me, but all the 24" mtbs we looked at were absolute we made one. I took a late 90's MCS Hurricane mini bmx cruiser and fitted a set of mtb forks to it. Since the MCS has a 1" head tube I had to swap out the 1-1/8" steerer tube on the...
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    Trash day pick ups.

    Found these two curbside, the Schwinn right down the street from me and the Raleigh one neighborhood over. The Schwinn has a bent derailleur and a tacoed front wheel...the derailleur will be an easy fix, not so sure about the rim. The Raleigh looks to be in good shape other than needing...