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    BFK After all these years..

    I finally decided to put together my Walmart Schwinn after 4 years of storage.
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    Schwinn Hornet

    As I walk into this "trendy" bike shop in Brooklyn that sells 2000 dollar fixed gear bikes and skateboards. I see an Old school in the corner. A few questions later and its mine.
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    So this is the mobile version of photobucket. You can download it to iphone and android fones.. once you download snapbucket you can log into your photobucket account. Here is my first attempt to attach a pic from snapbucket.
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    Found One After 3 Year Search

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    Rat Fink

    How many of these do you see in Manhattan? Let's just say the majority of people that stop me think it is totally custom. lol
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    Losing My Storage..

    For those that have lived or visited New York City you know that space is very hard to come by. I have been keeping the majority of my bikes in a garage in Queens, N.Y. I was told that I have the garage until June 3rd. That's roughly 25 bikes I need to sell, relocate or just junk.. 6 are...
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    Hello from London

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    What Will Be Our Future Classics?

    I would like to know what do you think our future classics will be? We are running out of 50's tankers and cruisers.. Remember when lightweight Schwinns were a dime a dozen? Now they go for big dollars.. What do you think will be the next phase?
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    DYNO Guessing Game (second clue)

    Any ideas?
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    1 800 BIKE ABUSE

    While driving my bus in Manhattan crossing Park Ave I spot this leaning up against the city trash can.. Two flat tires and nobody around. A definate abandonment..I was stoked to finally own one and for free.. Can you believe it has never been ridden? the tires (Classic Knobbies ??) still have...
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    73 Speedster

    An impulse buy.. I drive by this fix a flat place 3 times a week and the workers have their bikes up against the store front everyday.. but this day I saw out the corner of my eye some type of Schwinn.. I stop, look, offer and pull off with my new bike. Has anyone successfully pulled off a 26...
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    GMC Denali

    I got this road bike for cheap. The rear wheel was tacoed and the front was way to out of true.. So my LBS slapped on some used mix matched 700C's for me.. It actually rides pretty decent for an aluminum frame with steel parts.. lol
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    Schwinn lightweight run down

    I have stumped myself trying to figure out the difference between a schwinn collegiate and suburban.. Both 5 speeds etc etc.. Can someone explain the lightweight lineup? or atleast point me in the right direction? I actually would like to know what was top of the line and down to the base model...
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    Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself..

    Hey guys. My name is Tree but everyone seems to call me Face here. I am doing a second intro because I have been missing for quite sometime. I am still dealing with an almost ugly seperation/divorce. Anywho. I live in Manhattan NYC and I drive for Academy Bus. I want to start riding again. Im...
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    Miyata 100

    It just so happened I was looking for a tall road bike and Tlaing1 was looking for a Black BFK.. SWAP! Araya rims, Suntour components. I just needed to adjust the gears and true the back rim alil. My daily beater. I had the extra brake levers removed, added hoods, some cork gel tape and...
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    Help I.D. this old skiptooth heavyweight. (better pics)

    Better pics.. The rear rim says Morrow on the coaster arm. I couldn't find a date on it. The front hub says New Departure W.
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    His And Hers Higgins..

    Well this find is my only one with a story I think. The owner said His Dad bought the bikes new in 58 or 59 for him and his sister. I guess that explains the switched around neck and handlebars.. I would love to clean these up as much as I can so me and the wife can take a ride. Any tips on...
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    Huffy Good Vibrations

    This story has no story.. Ebay purchase and about a 45 minute drive.. Ten bucks. I liked the look of this one. It is in the process of being sanded and painted. It's the very first time I attepted to sand a bike (2 hours!)
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    Aint Nothin' Like A Cheap Find

    Driving to the uniform supply for my job I pass a rundown building with a small hand written sign that reads "Flea Market". As soon as I am about to laugh I spot a tall mt. bike. I pull over on the sidewalk, hop out and take a look. I have noticed that when I get excited about finding a bike I...
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    Schwinn, Schwinn, Schwinn and Raleigh

    Ok So I only wanted the Schwinn Breeze but was forced into buying the whole package. 70 Breeze, 75 Varsity (24incher), Schwinn Stingray ?? and a Raleigh Rampar. Does anyone know anything about these? It looks like a repop. Schwinn guys what is this? a jr size frame right? like a lil chik...