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  1. topnotchlsx

    Possible pre-war Hawthorne find. Can any identify?

    Hey guys and gals! I bought this bike about 4 months back and am finally doing something with it. I found it at an antique shop and stole the thing for a hefty $10! It was a complete bike. Anyway today I stripped it down the best I could in order to get it into a rider with a few parts. I...
  2. topnotchlsx

    26" Muscle/cruiser build from the new guy is FINISHED!!

    My build is complete and I am super stoked with how it turned out! It started as a worthless 80s Murray Westport and now has a nice race bike look and feel. It rides well and is more comfortable than it looks but not something for long rides as the seat is low. Now, onto some pics. Before...
  3. topnotchlsx

    Just finished making a wall mounted rack

    Hey dudes and dude-ets, I FINALLY made some time to make a wall mounted bike rack after all the rigs have been taking up valuable real estate on my shop floor. I used some Husky brand hook/track system wheel hooks as I got them cheap at a flea market. The seller didn't have the metal track...
  4. topnotchlsx

    Down and dirty Rat build from spare parts in 3 hours! The Brew-iser

    So I bought more junk... With the BB10 muscle bike in progress I have seemed to acquire a bunch of spare parts. I had ordered a set of ...... wheels and changed directions on the look before I could use them so they were just sitting. That was not going to do for me so the search began for a...
  5. topnotchlsx

    Any ideas on what I found?

    Hey guys, I stopped at a local guys house that looks straight out of American Pickers and asked about any old bikes. They had a couple and here is what I found. First up, I found this in the woods under a truck hood sticking in the mud.... Chainguard says silvertown I believe but that is all I...
  6. topnotchlsx

    26" Muscle/cruiser build from the new guy! (DONE!!!!)

    Hello friends! Here is my muscle/cruiser build for fun. I am starting with a cheap Murray Westport I picked up a couple weeks ago for $20 from an old folks home a block away from my house. The bike had been leaning against the place for at least 6 months without moving so I made my move! The...
  7. topnotchlsx

    New kid on the block from Missouri!

    Hey guys and gals! My friend recently turned me onto RRB on facebook and I found my way here in a hurry! Feels like home and am glad I can be part of it! I plan to enter the 10th Build Off with a cheap Murray 26" cruiser I picked up for $20. Hopefully I get a thread started soon. See you...