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  1. LAGreg

    '66 Convertible

    This was a purchase from a lady selling it as "yard art" because she thought it was unridable. I showed her! (she was actually very nice). I was blown away by how much of the original color came back. I lost a lot of pin striping by barely touching it but there was really no way around that. New...
  2. LAGreg

    ‘66 Convertible

    I just got this JC Penny 1966 Foremost Convertible this week. It hit me this morning that my first car was a 1966 Mustang Convertible. Creampuff. Both two years older than I am. I’ll be trying to do as much of a restore as I can but I know I’ll need to replace the wheels and tires which is a...
  3. LAGreg

    1966 JC Penney Foremost Convertible

    I got ahold of this 20" 1966(?) JC Penney Foremost Convertible and I'm considering a (partial) restore job on it. As far the paint goes I'll attempt to clean it up as much as possible but I don't want to repaint it. For one I like the patina look and also I'd never be able to recreate those...
  4. LAGreg

    The Drunken Squid

    Nearly every week we do a neighborhood bike ride with up to 20 adults and kids who live nearby. Very fun! I've been switching between bikes week-to-week and started taking a bike trailer for supplies and unforeseen events. Recently a buddy gave me an old cruiser. The bike itself is fine and...
  5. LAGreg

    Desert Danger

    I began with no plan and a garbage frame and forks purchased for $5. The only new (functional) parts were the sissy bar, front tire and grips. Everything else came from other bikes I had or were bought piece meal as used. Here is the Build thread. The $5 sand-filled frame... Oh, and...
  6. LAGreg

    Van Halen Frankenbike - The VH Cruiser

    This build is in memory of Eddie Van Halen who inspired so many of us who are still chasing that Rock and Roll dream. Here is a picture of the guitar that started it all. What Eddie did was take a black guitar, taped it and painted it white, removed the tape and had a white guitar with black...
  7. LAGreg

    Desert Danger

    This will be my second ever build. My only goal is to finish within the set parameters. I'm starting with a nasty cruiser frame I bought for $5 from a bike shop in Palm Springs. It literally had desert sand inside the bottom bracket. It also had at least three layers of paint on it, maybe more...
  8. LAGreg

    First Build Advice

    Greetings. I’ve jumped into the deep end here with no guidance except an out of state friend and YouTube. I got a beat up Huffy for $20 that I decided to redo for my wife as my first ever build. EVERYTHING had rusted that could rust. But a combination of rust removing techniques and it was...
  9. LAGreg

    Newbie Looking for Guidance

    Hello! I'm completely inspired by what I've seen here but I need some guidance (brief personal history below). Basically what I'm looking for are the unwritten rules within the Rat Rod bike culture. CLEARLY there are no actual rules. But I'm guessing there are some boundaries way out on the...