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  1. OCD


    Thought I posted on this build before but now that I have some updates I see there's no thread. This is my lowered/stretched Gio scooter project which started out as a road side find on Recycle/Reuse Day. As you can see it's been lowered and stretched about 6". I just completed building a 72v...
  2. OCD

    Ruckus inspired E-scooter build

    Inspiration! I've seen lots of these modified scooters while travelling in Asia, I decided to try building an electric commuter along the same style beginning with a discarded, road side find. Original scooter before mods Bare bones Lowered the front this much by sectioning the...
  3. OCD

    Leather spring saddle question

    I came across a good local deal on one of these large spring saddles originally sold by Ridable Replicas for a project I'm planning. I've never owned a leather seat before but have always read about them needing a long break in period before being comfortable. I find when I sit on this one the...
  4. OCD

    Electric MTB build

    I've posted some build info in this thread. Took if out for it's first real off-road test today, very successful, I'm looking forward to it's upcoming 72 volt battery transplant. This thing is fun x3, nearly silent and only 90lbs.
  5. OCD


    Hi all! Been busy with other things lately but Don from Sunahme Bikes in Ladysmith invited me out for a group ride and loaned one of his super high powered electric mtb. I was hooked. That meant another bike build was needed, a mountain bike is one thing I've never tried to build before. I used...
  6. OCD


    It's not totally a new build as I scratch built the frame a few years ago. This will be more of a retro-electric rebuild, where I'll get a chance to use some components that have been laying around the shop for awhile. The drive train is from the Science! build as the experiment there was to use...
  7. OCD

    French Solar Powered Commuter I'd love to build something similar for my winter commute to work. :113:
  8. OCD

    Police even the odds...
  9. OCD

    GIANT E-bike!

    As I'm importing e-bike parts for resale, a bike that most people can relate to seems appropriate as a test/shop bike. I'm starting with a Giant hard tail frame I wasn't otherwise using, adding a QS 28H, 3000 watt Greentime controller and a 48 volt 30 amp/hr high output pack made from 18650...
  10. OCD

    Ruff Cycles E-build

    Doing some fabrication work for a customers' Ruff Cycles electric build. We're creating a 2wd bike this time using 2x BMC gear drive hub motors, 203mm disc brakes front and rear, Brooks saddle, 2x 18650 cell high output battery packs and 2 throttles/controllers to ensure the front wheel doesn't...
  11. OCD

    QS motors

    The courier just dropped off these two motors. I ordered them direct from QS motors in China, only took a week to arrive from the factory. I've tried/researched/tested several motors over the last six years but these are the best quality I've seen yet. The 28H is rated for 800 watts continuous...
  12. OCD

    40,000 watt e-bike

    Count 'em, three, yes three RC motors on this belt drive e-bike :praise:
  13. OCD

    v 4.0

    Hello all: We have a craft brewery a few blocks from our house where I often take one of my ebikes to pick up my evenings' beverage and when I arrive the owner often says "I see you're riding my bike again". A couple of months ago he came out to check my electric bike and after a short tour was...
  14. OCD

    Nanaimo Bars

    Check my location, what else could I call them? Integrated stem system, in side profile they sweep slightly forward, then back as they come up and change from 1" to 7/8" for the controls and grips, very solid. I didn't spend a lot of time blending or filling the welds, just bombed 'em black to...
  15. OCD


    Here's a link to the build. 3000 watt 80 amp controller, 2 x 48 volt 10 amp batteries, 54.6 km/hr top speed, aprox 40 km per charge.
  16. OCD


    In January I changed work sites and although there is a nice bike room to park in, Simply Red turned out to be longer than the bike room was wide! Knowing I wasn't making many friends due to the space it took up (totally didn't fit in the wall racks) I decided to try a few new things. I knew it...
  17. OCD

    E-bike/scooter conversion: illegal in every province!

    In the eyes of the law here, it must be an e-bike coz it has pedals and is grossly underpowered. I thought I'd post it to inspire others (or give you all a good laugh). I originally bought this e-scooter because it was a give away price and the motor looked like one guys on endless-sphere have...
  18. OCD

    Electric Drift Trike

    Here's another electric build for me, first e-drift trike though. It's so much fun that I've already started an upgraded frame:
  19. OCD

    Simply Red

    Hi All: I've been working on this one for a couple of months now and it's at the point where it's mostly just the electrical hookups, brake cables, front fender and a few other details, so I thought I'd post up some pics. My first e-bike was a cheap eBay kit that looked like this and I ran the...
  20. OCD

    Where to buy high profile 24" balloon tires?

    I'm looking for all black 24" tires, preferably 2.35s. I've currently have 24x2.10 but they are too low profile for my current project. I'm in Canada so paypal and USPS shipping are good too. 8) Thanks