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  1. Retro Flutter

    Picked up another AMF bike. This time all (mostly) original.

    Facebook marketplace find. $100 Canadian pesos and was sold. Needs work, tank needs innards, cranks need replaced or bent back to shape and rear wheel needs trued, once I get the spokes unseized. Came with the Troxel saddle, Hunt Wilde grips, a Light Foot white wall and a cheapo rear tire. Not...
  2. Retro Flutter

    Where can I find cable ends for brake cables?

    Looking for the ferrules/cable stops that fit older brake levers. One of mine broke and has rendered the brake unusable and I have no replacements and Local bike shops don't either, too "old" of a bike. Bike in Question was made by CCM. I took off the working brake cable from the lever, to show...
  3. Retro Flutter

    Removing stickers from painted chrome graphics?

    I've got a tank on my 1962 Skyrider and on each side, there's a sticker, right on top of the Skyrider graphic.. Is there a safe way to get them off, without damaging the original graphic? I have Goo Gone but I know that can have some unwanted side effects at times. I've not touched them, as...
  4. Retro Flutter

    Anyone tried these "Thousand Heritage" helmets?

    I was looking for a retro/vintage styled helmet that met safety standards and stumbled upon these guys. Old school helmet style, with leather straps and a hole to lock it to your bike. Plus a variety of colours.
  5. Retro Flutter

    Value on a 24'' US Royal Airflight tire for a Schwinn?

    I got this as part of an eBay listing and seller had it listed as NOS and from what I can tell, it is aside from shelf wear. I'm just not sure on the value of it? I got the listing because it had another NOS tire to match my current build.
  6. Retro Flutter

    Crank swap?

    So, the cranks I have for my AMF build are bent and have a welded in pedal. Been searching on eBay for a new pair but I don't want "new" (ie Sunlite, etc) ones. I can't seem to find the ones I'm looking for. The ones I have seem to be longer than standard 6-1/2'' arms, they measure more to be...
  7. Retro Flutter

    Well, it's technically a bike...

    Found it at a Thrift Shop the other day....I plan on taking it apart, painting it and giving it a rat rod look. black most likely..or whatever I can find, maybe yellow.
  8. Retro Flutter

    1962 AMF Roadmaster Sky Rider

    Figured I'd make a build thread for this one, since it'll probably be a winter project and take awhile to put together. Here's what I'm starting out with. I have original handlebars, jsut not in the pic. Unsure if I wanna keep the colour+patina or sandblast it....again. Bike seems to of...
  9. Retro Flutter

    WTB: Cranks for AMF Roadmaster

    looking for the same set of cranks as these, or similar for my AMF build. I'm also in need of a 13/16'' wedge/quill stem post as well. . They measured about 6-3/4''' (probably 180mm?) from roughly center of pedal to center of spindle. They measured longer than a standard 6 1/2'' crank. PS...
  10. Retro Flutter

    Modern tire options?

    Curious what's out there for tires that suit rat bikes and Muscle bikes. I know of the WTB Thickslick but that's about it really. I've also heard of the Bontrager Hank but I can't seem to find any of those. I'm looking for anything really with either a red line on it or white wall. My daily...
  11. Retro Flutter

    AMF Roadmaster but what model?

    I've searched google images, I've found a few different models under the name, Skyrider, Discoverer, Satellite, Jet Pilot. I know it's from the 58-63 era. Some have the star chainring, some don't and the chain guard I have was seen only on one of them. So, I'm guessing mine is a Jet Pilot...
  12. Retro Flutter

    58-63 AMF Roadmaster And Accessories.

    Picked up this one a couple days ago. Missing rear wheel, seat post and saddle...and not sure if it ever had a tank. It'll be a new daily rider in the spring. Even if it never originally had one, I want to find a tank for it. Which tanks would fit it? Google search shows a few different tanks...
  13. Retro Flutter

    Stem ornament?

    Picked up a Humphrey branded CCM bike today (similar to the other 1940s CCM I posted the other day) and it has a stem ornament of some sort...just an "M" cut out of it and bolted under the bolt for the stem. Never seen it before? Thought it was one of those fancy steerer/headset mounted cable...
  14. Retro Flutter

    CCM Mid 40s? 28'' wheeler

    Picked this up on Marketplace on the weekend, I actually walked down the street to get it and rode it home, lol. Not sure on exact year, but judging by the screwed on headbadge (that's missing), tall headtube and the curved top tube, it's somewhere around 1940s. There's so many layers of paint...
  15. Retro Flutter

    Neighbour got a rear rack, not sure what it's from..

    My neighbour picked this up and we don't know what it's off of. Pretty sure the square hole in the back probably house a pair of bullet style taillights in a chrome housing. It may or may not end up on my daily cruiser at some point, lol
  16. Retro Flutter

    My 2020 far.

    I have other bikes but these are the ones I rode this year. All way older than I am, lol. Big Cruiser is a late 50s/eearly 60s Simpson Sears Fleetwing Deluxe, didn't know the brand until recently, when a friend got an import bike with the same "SS" badging on it. Anti-freeze coloured bike is...
  17. Retro Flutter

    Misfit build, one piece at a time.

    Posted this to the FB group but figured I could go into more detail on it here.. Just like the Johnny Cash song, this was built one piece at a time and it didn't cost me a dime. What year is it? Well, It's a '68 Simpson Sears, '69 CCM Mustang, '70 CCM Cheetah, '73ish Western Flyer Buzz Bike...
  18. Retro Flutter

    Barn find Supercycle Cougar 72'

    Picked up this today. Branded Supercycle but made by CCM, Seems to be a mix of Cheetah (Frame) and Mustang (Seat, chainguard, sissy bar) parts. Aired up the tires and took it for a ride around the block. The 3 speed works on it, seat has one very small nick but otherwise soft and amazing...
  19. Retro Flutter

    Looking for a CCM fork, for a CCM Scrambler.

    Looking for the same fork as below. Same fork is on most CCM branded muscle bikes (Cheetah, Mustang, Scrambler). This one is bent and twisted/tweaked in a few spots. Colour doesn't matter but would prefer an orange fork. I'll take what I can get, so long as it's straight and threads are good...
  20. Retro Flutter

    So, did the ol' painted whitewall trick.

    First time doing it...experimented with a worn out tire first. Washed clean, then used a rag to wipe off gunk, steel wool, rinse again..then masked and painted. I used some Rust-o-leum 2x cover semi gloss white's just what I happened to have on hand. I got a few other tires...