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  1. Reallybigtim

    BLUE FLAME Special

    I will start my build-off with the bike's name and the reason I have chosen it. This build's starting point is a set of wheels and tires that I have always wanted, and finally found. Because of this wheel/tire combo, I was very limited in what kind of frame I could use. As a rule, I only use...
  2. Reallybigtim

    Nexus 7-Speed Schwinn cream cruiser wheels (complete system)

    One of the best multi-speed coaster brake systems ever made. Only made in '97-8 with the internal hub on the Schwinn Cruiser 7. The bike this system came from was owned by an older gentleman that said he only rode it a few times. It just hung in his garage for over 20 years. The bike rode and...
  3. Reallybigtim

    Silver King Custom Tracker

    I have been frustratingly staring at this build for a very long time now. Prewar Monark Silver King with a Monark-style springer and a few other cool parts. I still need a front wheel and tire. It can either be an NOS cream 24" x 3" Felt Thick Brick to match the rear tire........OR........I...
  4. Reallybigtim

    Wanted: Thick Brick and Quick Brick Tires in Antique White

    Hello All! Looking for 24" x 3" Thick Brick and/or 26" x 2.125" Quick Brick Tires in Antique White. New or Used. What do you have? Thanks in advance. Timothy
  5. Reallybigtim

    BO15 A Step-Through Time---Changing projects for build-off

    First of all, let me explain the title of my build-off entry. Since this is an "anything goes" category, I am going to use a type of bike that most people part out and throw away. I feel that it's unfortunate that "girl's bikes" get almost no respect in the vintage bicycle hobby. Some of them...
  6. Reallybigtim

    BO15 HOMEMADE SHINE has a totally different look!

    Finally had a fresh idea that I want to play around with. Probably have 25 or more projects, but nothing was jumping out at me. Then I was inspired by one of the current builds. Starting with a '71 Huffy Dragster frame. I cannot describe what's going to happen with it, because I don't even...
  7. Reallybigtim


    I had a lot of fun with this build. Mostly because it kept telling me what it wanted to be! Started with a '56 Columbia 20" frame and tank. Experimented with a bent springer with the spring removed to get the bike to set level. I utilized some proportioning tricks and optical illusions to...
  8. Reallybigtim

    Kreamsicle Krate

    A bike that I had always wanted to build. Started with a late-90's reproduction frame. The painted rims are from a 50's Schwinn. Front tire is a pie-crust sidewall balloon tire from the 50's. Rear tire is an NOS Slick from the 70's. Bars are from an early StingRay (very wide). Seat is an...
  9. Reallybigtim

    Trippin' Gypsy

    Found an old Huffy girls bike locally with funky custom paint. I don't usually like repainted bikes, but this repaint was nicely done and very "trippy". Then, when I found out it was a Huffy "Gypsy", the "Trippin' Gypsy" name was obvious. Turned it into this custom using a modified bent...
  10. Reallybigtim


    Found this cool little '56 Columbia Built 20" straight-bar frame, tank, and fork online a few weeks ago. Thought I might see if I could make something interesting out of it. All original paint with the original (and very unique) kickstand. This should make a cool little cruiser.
  11. Reallybigtim

    Kreamsicle Krate

    I am going to try this frame again. I didn't like it as a low dragster bike. I am going to make a more traditional muscle bike with an orange and cream color theme. Coaster brake to keep it looking clean and uncluttered. Cream painted and pinstriped Schwinn S-2 rims from the 50's. Cream...
  12. Reallybigtim

    Trippin' Gypsy

    Interesting little 70's Huffy that I picked up locally the day before the build-off started. Serial number says March of '72. $40 was probably too much to pay but, for some reason, I liked this little bike. Kind of like the ugliest dog at the pet store. I usually have a direction in mind for...
  13. Reallybigtim


    Late entry but here we go! I have been inspired to build a very unusual style of custom bike. I usually only build rusty rat bikes, but I think I have a great idea for a custom build. I will be using an Orange Krate frame with a modified Schwinn-style springer. Plus many other vintage parts...
  14. Reallybigtim

    '53 CWC Western Flyer art deco custom

    Here is a cool little original paint bike that I put reverse paint-style fenders and some other cream components.
  15. Reallybigtim

    Made in the Shade

    Just like last year, I found this year's build-off project at the Memory Lane swap meet in late April. My goal was to find something just as unusual as Stylish Trash and in the rattiest condition possible while still being ride-able. I actually think I found something more rare than that...
  16. Reallybigtim


  17. Reallybigtim


    I found this wingbar frame last week at the Memory Lane Swap Meet, so the timing was perfect for entering the build-off. In my opinion, this is one of the coolest bicycle frames ever designed. I have always wanted to build one. Unfortunately, this one is has seen better days, so I thought...