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  1. Motopecane

    Looking for help identifying American Pre-war Lightweight

    So this is what it would have looked like had it not lived on a farm for all these years. I am glad you folks were my voice of reason as I was all ready to strip this thing down for paint.
  2. Motopecane

    Looking for help identifying American Pre-war Lightweight

    Well I did a little more searching at found it looks to be a "victory" bicycle most likely made by Dayton-Huffman. I also found what looks like uploads from a Firestone catalog. The chainring, paint job, and optional chain guard matches...
  3. Motopecane

    Lejeune Folding bikes

    It's hard to tell from your photos but, those look like the folding frames that were super common in the 60s and 70s. I had one that was branded Amica. If in good condition they can be fun little bikes. Most of them were made in Italy and will have cottered cranks with and Italian threaded...
  4. Motopecane

    Looking for help identifying American Pre-war Lightweight

    Hi all, I recently visited my wife's old family farm in Billings Montana. I was able to leave with a handful of cool old bikes. One in particular everyone seemed to think was he grandmothers bike. She got very excited when I said I could absolutely make it ride able. I have two questions I am...
  5. Motopecane

    Help Identify old Kids bike

    Hi Everyone, I have been gone a long time but I just haven't owned any vintage bikes for some time. Anyway I picked up this little guy at an antique store today. It caught my eye and I couldn't get it out of my head. Low and behold when I got it up to the counter is was 20% off!! I am having...
  6. Motopecane

    Rainy day $5 Fuji

    Is that a "Dynamic 12" or something of the sort? I got a blue Dynamic 12 at goodwill for $19.99 it had a rat trap rack and a gel seat. I tuned it up and it rides great! Mine has alloy everything so I'm not sure if it is the same as yours. Either way I think you did great. -Moto
  7. Motopecane

    "Hit By A Truck" Firestone Pilot

    Looks awesome is there any possible way to ride it?
  8. Motopecane

    My neighbor finally gave 'em up!

    The only problem is now everyone is finding this out and trying to sell them. It's a buyers marked for Raleigh 20s if you want one. :mrgreen: Still a cool bike though. -Moto
  9. Motopecane

    what did i find

    I was just guessing since nobody else was chiming in. :roll: -Moto
  10. Motopecane

    Skiptooth Surprise,PICS!!!

    Those welds look um...interesting :roll: -Moto
  11. Motopecane

    what did i find

    Well I'm not an expert but I would say judging by the skip tooth it is a pre-war also the paint scheme and chain-ring screams Schwinn. That's all I can tell you. -Moto
  12. Motopecane

    Rat trap springers

    I actually saw that one and yeah what the other guys said is why it is worth so much. You probably won't see another on ebay for a long time.
  13. Motopecane


    I think I have one S7 tire that came off a Schwinn breeze. It is pretty slick but in good condition and narrow. Let me know if you're interested, sadly I only have one. -Moto
  14. Motopecane

    New Tall bike, Lowered custom Bottom bike

    Dang this is going to epic. -Moto
  15. Motopecane

    my full hubless project

    This is really cool, but I am with everyone else on how the heck you attached the tires and made them spin/stay on. Nice work, throw some taller bars on it though you're hurting my back! -Moto
  16. Motopecane

    Trail Ripper "FINISHED" Now With Video!!!!!

    Re: Trail Ripper I like where this is going. -Moto
  17. Motopecane

    Rat trap springers

    Was that the going bid, what it actually sold for, or a buy it now? Never trust buy it nows.
  18. Motopecane

    Schwinn suburban fillet braze

    They aren't completely worthless but if you don't have any of the other parts I would just sell it for scrap.
  19. Motopecane

    Neat Peugeot and other bikes!

    To the right person that Bianchi is worth a pretty penny. They only made lugged mountain bikes for a short period of time before switching to TIG. Nice find.
  20. Motopecane


    Well I figured since everyone else is sharing theirs I will post mine. It's a 60's Italian Amica 20" folder that I picked up for $40.00 and then lots of work and $100.00 or so dollars later.... I converted it to fixed gear and gave it a front disc brake, rides so much better now.