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  1. Psycho Sammi

    Girvin fork

    looking for a girvin fork like the one in the picture
  2. Psycho Sammi

    Before & After Pics

  3. Psycho Sammi

    Before & After Pics

  4. 0903180756_Burst01


  5. 20180101_165119


  6. 20160814_111610


  7. Psycho Sammi

    Fat KOS Kruiser

    Mine seem pretty good off-road .I'm thinking about lacing the rear wheel with a cassette hub so I can have a wider range of gear choices
  8. Psycho Sammi

    Where's the action?

    Stop I'm going to :20: . Facebutt isn't killing builds for me my job is don"t know about other people but I've gone from about 35 hours to 60 hours a week over the last 3 or 4 years. I'm not A fan of Facebutting maybe because old and not much of a hipster.
  9. Psycho Sammi

    Superstition Harley-Davidson® TOY DRIVE

    Superstition Harley-Davidson® TOY DRIVE KICK-OFF Starts Nov. 4, 2017 10:00AM and Ends Nov. 4, 2017 2:00PM Located at Superstition Harley-Davidson® 2910 W. Apache Trail Apache Junction, Arizona 85120 Seductive Car Club 4th Annual Motorcycle and Custom Car Show & Toy Drive Kick-Off @ Superstition...
  10. Psycho Sammi

    Safticycles head badge

  11. Psycho Sammi

    Safticycles head badge

    looking for a vintage Safticycles head badge willing to pay up to $85. depending on condition
  12. Psycho Sammi

    Fat KOS Kruiser

    Mongoose Malus
  13. Psycho Sammi

    Fat KOS Kruiser

  14. Psycho Sammi


  15. Psycho Sammi

    Psycho Safticycle

    This is one of my favorites Safticycle made in Lacrosse Wisconsin got it from a friend whose Dad lives near there don't know much more any info and where you found the info would be appreciated. Also looking for a head badge I was told they are the same head badge as the motorized scooter that...
  16. Psycho Sammi

    Mongoose Malus Chatsworth Edition

    Nice love the sticker kit. Looks a little more comfortable to ride that way rather than stock .I was going to cut the one up I bought on craigslist for a project but 80's nostalgia just kicked in. I had a 24" Mongoose Kos kruiser when I was A kid. I feel a project coming on.
  17. Psycho Sammi

    (MBBO #5 Class 2) Lil Red Express Trike

    I'm not going to finish in time got busy with paying customer builds, show and my day job not to mention changing my mind a couple of times on different things .I was hoping a customer would sponsor the build but it was much to long @ 10 feet for most. I have a large collection of parts but got...
  18. Psycho Sammi

    FEELER - NEW Webco 3-Bar Chromoly 26" BMX Cruiser Frames Group Buy

    If you decide to do them like the last ones with out the modern additions let me know I'm in for a couple