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  1. Skipton


    Monark frame Elgin/JC Higgins Air cooled hubs painted fluorescent orange ......... Hubs I painted 9/10 years ago. Time to use them
  2. Skipton

    STOLEN!! Please keep a eye out

    Thursday night January 7th sometime between 10pm and 6am my bike was stolen in the north side of Chicago. This bike is worth little to no dollar amount. But is my bike and I would like it back. I have a feeling it’s not in Chicago any more (would be hard to flip this bike here with out someone...
  3. Skipton

    SOLD Wrights Saddle $45

    Very nice vintage Wrights Saddle $45 shipped to lower 48 Hardware included. Marbles are not included :grin:
  4. Skipton

    SOLD Cool tank .. Great Patina $50

    Very cool looking tank Great Patina Says Rotorjet faintly on side I believe this is from a 24” bike. Such a cool tank would be easy to make fit on almost any cool bike and you can’t beat this kind of patina. $50 shipped to you anywhere in the lower 48 Message me here or text me at 312 342...
  5. Skipton

    SOLD Kenda new 24X3 tire and tube $40

    Very nice brand new never mounted Kenda 24x3 tire and new tube $40 bucks shipped to lower 48 PayPal Message me here or text me at 312 342 4186 Thanks for looking
  6. Skipton

    SOLD Big Spring Pre War Springer Saddle Seat

    Big Spring Pre War Saddle Great patina.. use as is or clean and recover $100 NOW $ 80.00 shipped to lower 48 Message me here or text me at 312 342 4186 Thanks for looking
  7. Skipton


    I always have a fantastic time doing The Build Off. Even though I always seem to be way behind the last week, I'm super happy with the way this one turned out. It's ride-able and fun! I'm going to fine tune it and maybe even add a few things in the weeks to come. The build.. Started with a...
  8. Skipton

    SOLD Humongous Chain Ring $100

    A few years ago someone on RRB was making these. Over 12 “ in Diameter this thing is huge!! I can’t count high enough to give you a teeth count:giggle:. See photo of 46 tooth chain ring for size reference Chain ring is just machined you will need to grind the teeth to fit a chain. I believe you...
  9. Skipton

    SOLD Felt Thick Brick (one)

    I recently bought a set only need one. SOLD ! One Antique White Felt Thick Brick 24x3 These tires look fantastic. Super hard to find these days Brand new never mounted still with tag. $65 shipped to the lower 48 PayPal is good
  10. Skipton

    BO15 Acetone.... Done!

    I’m in! Ok just got this nice Hawthorn frame delivered from a eBay purchase. And the killer Beehive fork from @macncheese along with a cool/weird plastic “gas tank” that I may or may not use. I been thinking about what the final paint scheme will be. But now looking at both the frame and fork...
  11. Skipton


    Slipstream... It’s rideable, disk brakes not set up yet. I totally waited to the last minute to get going on this one. So glad I got it to the finish line. The Build Off is always a ton of fun to watch and especially participate in. Thanks to everyone who took a look, liked and commented...
  12. Skipton

    Slipstream. Calling this one “done”

    It’s been a longtime since I seriously participated in a Build Off really looking forward to this build. I may or may not use these wheels... lots more to come. Links to my old Build Off bikes
  13. Skipton

    REDUCED Parts...Racks, Tank

    Some parts for sale.. all prices include shipping. To the lower 48 PayPay only Rack #1 Elgin? Almost all the paint removed $35 Shipped. Rack #2 Monark SOLD. Rack #3 Schwinn? Repaint $35 Shipped Part #4 unknown tank think it’s for a 24” bike.Great patina says RotoJet $50 Shipped...
  14. Skipton

    REDUCED Super Cool Monark Style Fork. $90.00

    I got this a 1000 years ago from a RRB member. @American Vintage Bicycle Supply before he was old enough to vote ;) Just never got around to using it.. Super cool BMX Fork with vintage Monark Fork mated on. Fork has super heavy duty hardware. And a threadless stem extender. 1 inch steer tube is...
  15. Skipton

    Empty Promise

    This didn’t go as planed... but I do have a bike ... just a front brake and no shifter but a rideable bike. Thanks for looking Sorry about the bad street light pics Thanks for all the support. Everyone built some Killer bikes!
  16. Skipton

    RRBBO13 Empty Promise... Got it Done in time

    It's been far to long since I built a complete bike... Had lots of false starts with this one... I have completed 4 other Build Offs looking forward to finishing this one. This build won't be a Empty Promise.. Pile of parts from 4 years ago... I have all this in a box... Just going to use...
  17. Skipton

    It's been awhile....

    ... Since I posted a photo of my commute... Still riding everyday.
  18. Skipton

    I'm in.... The New 700Club (1913 Premier)

    It's been way to long since I participated in a Build Off.... So Let's Do This!! I have a cool 1913 Premiere Cycles 28" motorbike frame.. And some parts from my Club29er build. Coaster brake deepvs with custom painted hubs... This build is more a rebuild then anything else. Headset, Fork and...
  19. Skipton

    BikeGeoCouching with OneWheelSqeel video

    Had great ride with The Chicago TailDraggers today. Perfect sunny fall day. Then after riding Kevin and his son back to there car. We found this sweet couch. We try to be as cool as @locojoe
  20. Skipton

    So I won this bike...

    last December I won this bike in a fundraiser raffle. Raffle was a fundraiser for Los Ryderz Bicycle Club. Just took delivery of it this weekend at OBC Las Vegas. I've put a ton of miles on it all ready. Big thanks to everyone who had a part in making this bike happen.