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  1. deorman

    What have you been riding lately?

    Different down tube as well.
  2. deorman

    Hello ! New guy here from rural Nebraska

    :forum:Welcome to the forums. :thumbsup:
  3. deorman

    Okey dokey

  4. deorman

    Back again haven’t been on since 17

    Welcome back. :forum:
  5. deorman

    New guy in Florida... And new life for a Trash Huffy

    Welcome aboard. :forum:
  6. deorman

    1961 schwinn varsity

    Origin of the Corvette name is an escort duty light battle ship.
  7. deorman

    Evening All, from the West Country, UK

    Welcome. :thumbsup:
  8. deorman

    New guy in Colorado

    Welcome aboard. :cool2:
  9. deorman

    Need help identifying year of Western "Galaxy" Flyer

    Western Flyer was the store brand of bikes sold in Western Auto Stores. Just about every U.S. major manufacturer produced bikes for them over the years, and a couple of European makers as well. Differences from a late 60s or 70s Murray are the length of the fenders, plating process on the rims...
  10. deorman

    End of an error

    Yeah, moon bars can look cool, bit they usually suck functionally on pedal bikes.
  11. deorman

    Welcom Back Cottered...

    Cotter crank? RUN AWAY!!! Seriously though, the only suggestion I have is get the fattest replacement pins you can find, if they're too big you can grind them down. Once you have some fitted, don't try to tighten them with the nuts, drive them in and then snug the nuts to keep them in place. A...
  12. deorman

    New member in Brooklyn

    Yes they are.
  13. deorman

    New member in Brooklyn

    Howdy, stranger. Seat post and handle bar, 'cause I'm too lazy and cheap to build a frame. :crazy:
  14. deorman

    How Much to ask for Schwinn Stingray

    Either on the left side where the rear axle and sissy bar mount, or on or near the head badge.
  15. deorman

    How Much to ask for Schwinn Stingray

    Would also be better if posted here>
  16. deorman

    How Much to ask for Schwinn Stingray

    It really depends on the local market. Hopefully someone here can help with that. It appears to have the desirable US built Electro-forged steering head, which a collector would like. if it also has a reversed upper bearing that's another plus, but that will probably not mean much to the average...
  17. deorman

    From an old chicken coop

    Welcome aboard. 🚲
  18. deorman

    New Member from N. Alabama

    A few decades ago, my only means of transportation for several years was by bicycle, but now it's just a hobby. Fortunately for me, the W&OD rail to trail conversion is about 2 miles from my home. There is also the C&O canal something like 15 or 20 miles, but I haven't ridden it in a years...
  19. deorman

    New, looking for suggestions

    Narrow firm modern saddle, better stem and handle bar that isn't rusted, as far as wheels, fitting anything but EA3 (26"x1 3/8") will be an iffy proposition. The tires are available, but new rims will be expensive, IF you can even find them. What's wrong with the old ones?