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  1. Old Scool

    Huffy frame Tube Caps: Rail, Wheel, Slingshot, Dragster, etc.

    The frame caps are meant to give you a permanent replacement for the original chrome plated plastic tube frame caps that came stock on the 1960's 1970's Huffy bikes. The original plastic tube frame caps are usually broken, missing, or become dull in appearance and tend to crack and allow the...
  2. Old Scool

    How my daughter surprised me

    I just had to share this, my daughter surprised me and painted this for me to go with my MBBO5 musclebike. Kingfish254 sent me the red one as a trophy for taking first place in the MBBO5 build off and my daughter found one just like it at Hobby Lobby and decided to try and paint it to match my...
  3. Old Scool

    Altered Ego (class 1)

    Mild-mannered Monday through Friday 9 to 5 Huffy rail but on the weekend this Huffy Rail cuts loose to it's "Alter Ego" with its stretched out Top Fueler Forks in front and slammed forward Ape hanger handlebars. Well that's the way I envisioned this build. The other thing I wanted to do was to...
  4. Old Scool

    (MBBO#5 Class 1) Huffy Altered Ego

    So as a kid I had what I felt was the badest Muscle bike around, the Firestone (Huffy) Rail 5-speed and today I still feel that way, that’s no disrespect to the other Muscle bikes or owners out there I just loved my bike that much as a kid. Being from southern Ohio only about 40 minutes or so...
  5. Old Scool

    Searching for a bike for the MBBO5

    Guys, I posted this in the Wanted thread but in case you haven't seen it I wanted fellow "Muscle Bike" guys/girls to be aware of it too since we look for these types of bikes already. I am looking for a bike to restore for the upcoming MBBO5, I prefer a 1967-1969 Huffy rail that has the three...
  6. Old Scool

    Most recent bike Huffy Super Stock

    Finally posting my most recent bike that I went to Tennessee and picked up, the guy wouldn't ship it so I had to pick it up and I couldn't pass on it because it was too nice at a good price. I need to do a few things to make it right like correct tires and seat. I got the tires so if anyone has...
  7. Old Scool

    Help Identify this find

    Can you guys give me a hand with some info on this bike a friend found, I don't know anything about it. Thanks!
  8. Old Scool

    Questions on Schwinn Rams Horn

    I'm a Huffy guy and have come to know a lot more about them over Schwinns, so I went to buy a Huffy Super Stock from a guy that had all Scwinns in his collection except for this one Huffy. I saw he had this beautiful Schwinn Rams Horn there and I asked if it was for sale and long story short I...
  9. Old Scool

    (MBBO 4 CLASS #1) WHEEL'N in the years

    Well my first attempt at building a bike for the MBBO, "WHEEL'n in the years" is finished. I chose this bike because when I was a kid I always thought this bike was cool, a buddy of mine was the only kid in the neighborhood that had one. When I was able to get this one through Ebay on the...
  10. Old Scool


    Luke or seasoned MBBO builders, This is my first build off and I'm sure this is obvious to most everyone else but how do we vote, can we vote for more than just one build, where and when are the results posted? Thanks
  11. Old Scool

    Firestone Rail (FireRail)

    I've been doing double duty building my Wheel'n in the years MBBO bike and also building this bike along side of it. I wanted to also put it in the MBBO but I had already painted the frame so that excluded it from the competition. So I figured on building them both once I started the MBBO and...
  12. Old Scool

    Huffy "Blue Flame" Grand sons birthday project

    Ever since I built my Gran-daughter a Rollfast bike for her 10th birthday her 8 year old brother has been asking me to build him one, so I've been watching hoping to find the right one to get started on for his birthday in May. I have also been trying to find a RWL XKE rear slick for one of my...
  13. Old Scool

    re-pop tires?

    I have a question, on one of the other threads someone mentioned re-popped Cheater Slick tires. Could someone enlighten me, are there re-pop slicks out there, what varieties, if so where do you find them? How can you tell the difference. Any info would be appreciated.
  14. Old Scool

    (MBBO 4 CLASS #1) WHEEL'N in the years

    I wanted to get involved in last years MBBO build off but just didn't have enough knowledge built up yet, so after a year of a lot of questions, bike swap meets, and trial n error I'm ready to jump in with both feet. I love Huffy's since that's what I had as a kid and started building a replica...
  15. Old Scool

    Just in time

    I finished my gran-daughters bike tonight just in time for her 10th birthday Tuesday. It is a girls Foremost that is almost completely original, I was going to repaint it but the paint looked so nice with just a couple nicks I had to leave it. I almost feel like I cheated because it was in such...
  16. Old Scool

    If any Muscle bike guys are interested

    Just a heads up I posted a Free Brass .44 Magnum Huffy Rail tube cap on the "For Sale" thread to take a look at if anyone is interested give it a read. Thanks
  17. Old Scool

    Good friends and great luck

    I sold a pair of my Huffy Rail tube caps to someone I live near that had one Rail he was finishing up. He said he only had one Rail but is a Schwinn Krate and Flying Wedge bike guy, he showed me pictures of his collection and it was very impressive. We had been talking bikes and he said he had a...
  18. Old Scool

    First Firestone Rail

    Well it's taken a while to gather most the parts but I finally got enough together to build my bike from when I was a kid, a red Firestone Rail even down to the STP decal I put on the banana seat. So here are some of my starting out pictures pictures. Started out as a beat up green Rail but...
  19. Old Scool

    Need some advice

    Guys I need some advice, I just finished stripping my frame, chain guard, and fork and I'm going to be painting it this week. What I'm not sure about is when I apply the water decals on the seat post down tube should I do that after I'm done and have clear coated the bike or should I apply them...