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  1. TheFlyingDingo

    Schwinn Le Tour Tourist

    Payed a crisp cool $25. I'm bent on if I want to part it out, Fix it and sell it or restore it and keep it.
  2. TheFlyingDingo

    TheFlyingDingo's Re-Introduction

    After almost a two-year hiatus from bicycles, I'm back. I still dabbled with bikes and lurked, but not like I used to! The passion I had wasn't there. Now i've got nothing but time on my hands and i'm back into building and riding almost like i was a few years ago. I went through a slump after...
  3. TheFlyingDingo

    The Quitter: A little Progress 7/1

    Well. I'm in. I've got a basketcase of a frame to enter. Lets see if I finish! :lol:
  4. TheFlyingDingo

    Still Here. Very Busy.

    Hello everyone. Still here. Just very busy the last year or two. Haven't been working on bikes for a while though :cry:. Busy with school, work and other stuff. Moved. Still don't have any of my bike stuff here. Miss this site, miss working on bikes. I'll be back "Full time" soon.
  5. TheFlyingDingo

    WANTED: Film Photography stuff! Cameras? FILM! 35mm +Others!

    Well, with bikes on the side, i've been dabbling in film photography. I took a photography class, and I was using a digital point and shoot. Most of the stuff I learned was for film cameras...I picked one up from a friend, and I FELL IN LOVE. I'm using a Nikon N60, which takes 35mm Film. I've...
  6. TheFlyingDingo

    Anybody in Columbus Ohio want to Pickup/Ship a computer?

    Hey! I've been looking for this computer for the longest time. Its an older iMac G4, and this seems to be the nicest best deal i've seen yet. The problem is, it's in Columbus. The guy won't ship, and he only does a trip to michigan once a year...and he did it already. But I ask if someone...
  7. TheFlyingDingo

    Just got glasses

    Got an eye exam the other day because my vision has been declining. Turns out I have an astigmatism, and the doctor claimed I would have failed my vision test at the DMV...LOL. But, I have glasses now Its like everything is in High Definition now.
  8. TheFlyingDingo

    Anybody in Mooresville North Carolina want to meet up?

    I'm going to be there until Saturday! Tell me before tomorrow night if you need me to bring parts/bikes!
  9. TheFlyingDingo

    Rage! Broken Windshield! Insurance Question

    So, With Full coverage it ALWAYS a $100 Deductible? The other night my spot light was on all night, it's been shorting out or something, It wont go on, then i forget which way is off...and it comes out hours later. So, I assume the heat from the light, and the quick cooling...
  10. TheFlyingDingo

    Depart for your Adventure: Departure by Nero Close your eyes, and sit back. Depart into the stars. Edit-Put your headphones on.
  11. TheFlyingDingo

    1973 Schwinn World Voyageur Kool Orange

    Wow. Got this from my Girlfriend's Friend's Mom's Husband, who recently passed away. It was his bike, he bought it brand new, I'll be restoring it. I love it, it's pretty cool. Edit: Wow, these pictures are terrible, Sorry. I've got the shakes. I haven't had a Dr. Pepper in 2 weeks. I'm off...
  12. TheFlyingDingo

    WANTED: ANYTHING NINTENDO 64: Games, Controllers, Consoles

    Hey! I'm looking for Anything N64. There is a few things I don't need, like after a certain point I won't need controllers, but I need games! Let me know what you've got! We can do some trading.
  13. TheFlyingDingo

    Anyone into 1:28 Scale RC? I've got my collection for sale!

    Anyone remember Xmods? I do. It's time for these to go. I wanted to pass these to my future children, but i've got enough legos for them to be happy. I used to be into these hardcore, as you can see in the size of the collection. The cars probably cost me over $300 alone. Lots of accessories...
  14. TheFlyingDingo

    2000 2-Hip Pork Outdoor Pictures, YAY!

    Picked this up from Smoopy's over on the Museum. I dont know why, but i've been on a BMX kick. Received the frame monday. I'll be building it up with parts from this: I paid $40, which is well worth it, as i'll be using almost all the parts. Snafu Stem S&M Pitchfork
  15. TheFlyingDingo

    Huffy Sweet Thunder Christmas Gift 98% DONE

    Rebuilding this old girl for my little cousin! I bought it in july, and it sat. I could never afford the tires, so i've got my cousin's dad buying the tires for me... :oops: But, I did a little "Custom" Restoration work. Pink grips, white streamers, white/chrome chain, and pink Kenda...
  16. TheFlyingDingo

    First Cannondale: CAAD 3 Head Shock Macaroni+Cheese Color

    Traded 4 bikes to a friend to get this bike off of him. Its been a while since i've had a good riding bike. I dont know the exact model, but its a Caad 3 frame. Picture he mistakingly sent me: And the pictures of it in my possesion: The shop sticker and the race face sticker are both...
  17. TheFlyingDingo

    Almost Vintage 1999 Schwinn Pro Stock- 9 yr. old me is happy

    Got the bike i've wanted since I was nine yesterday. A friend said he was picking it up, So I "Took it over". I traded a Light and some cash for it, and I personally think I got a pretty good deal. Its mildly pieced together, The tires dont match, the bars were painted, totally wrong grips, and...
  18. TheFlyingDingo

    Worksman R. Placinto-Semi Finished

    Well, I was having a hard time with the 3 speed worksman wheelset. I finally got this together a few days ago. I was impulse tire shopping about 2 months ago on ebay, and ended up with 3 beautiful sets of tires. One i'm not going to use, and two that are too big to be sensible. So i looked at...
  19. TheFlyingDingo

    An Open Invite to all local RRB'ers.

    I wasn't sure if I should be posting this here, or in the classifieds...But i'm inviting anyone who is interested in coming by my shop to look through my bikes, parts and pieces to purchase certain parts, and maybe leave with some goodies. Need to downsize a bit, and very interested in selling...
  20. TheFlyingDingo

    Stripes on the Crown Victoria? Grand Sport Stripes!

    Got the idea from this car: The Vic needs something, I thought about this...But in black, So I used painters tape to try it out.