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  1. ferdy

    Racer vs Speedster

    I'm looking at two frames, both Schwinns: Speedster and Racer for a possible build. I'm wondering what differences there are in the two frames, both middle weights? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Fred
  2. ferdy

    Compax Paratrooper and Sports Traveler (non-folding) "Folding" Bicycles

    So recently I had the fortune to purchase one of each: A complete and original Sports Traveler and a Paratrooper- frame and forks, both built in 1946 by Westfield/Columbia. I had planned to clean up and repaint the Traveler but after getting it home I realize it's just too nice, so I'll clean it...
  3. ferdy

    FOUND!!!New Departure Model D non-skip tooth sprocket

    I'm looking to replace the 10 tooth skip tooth sprocket with a non skip tooth sprocket- New Departure model D. Seems like the sprocket would be cheaper than a used skip tooth chain..... Fred
  4. ferdy

    SOLD '41 Colson Frame and Truss Rods

    For sale is a nice 1941 Colson frame badged as Wings (hardware store) I purchased this frame about 4 years ago from fellow member Kirkpatrick. He did all the heavy lifting of the orange paint that covered the original deep maroon paint. The original brazing shows up nicely at some of the joints...
  5. ferdy

    Wheel Discs anyone?

    Does anyone know of a source for (inexpensive/ affordable ) wheel discs? A few years ago there was a member making and selling them I believe they were called "Deko Discs", but he's since stopped. Fred
  6. ferdy

    1930's Elgin

    Up for sale: 30's Elgin. I've enjoyed this one for a while and I'm ready to pass it on $300 plus shipping- located in central New York, offers will be considered: Frame is powder coated in a copper/textured style that is pretty durable; may be a few small scratches Tires: 26 X 2.35 Schwalbe Fat...
  7. ferdy

    Swing Bike Builder?

    Does anyone know how to contact "Bike Builder"? A couple of years ago he built a bunch of swing bike kits and listed them in the For Sale forum. I PM'd him a while ago with no response.
  8. ferdy


    I have 4 pairs of tires I will ship flat in a box, buy multiple sets and save on shipping. All prices plus shipping. I can fit three sets in one box to save shipping costs..... PM me to discuss Sun Lite 26 X 2.125 WW brand new never mounted CST 241 $28/pair Chen Seng 26 X 1.75 WW gently...
  9. ferdy

    20" Small Brick 1.75/2.25 tire

    Does anyone have a source for a small brick 20' 1.75/2.25 black wall tire? Fred
  10. ferdy

    Niagara Cycle

    Maybe I missed something- what happened to/at Niagara Cycle? haven't been able to access their website for weeks. Fred
  11. ferdy

    Wheel Discs?

    Anyone know of a supplier of "wheel discs". Nate @ Dekodiscs says they no longer are making them. Fred
  12. ferdy

    Schwinn Grips, Spaceliner Rear Reflector

    Nice pair of black cushion style Schwinn grips,good condition, will clean up well. $28 shipped Spaceliner Rear Reflector, excellent condition. It was painted silver at one time. No cracks. $35 shipped. Offers encouraged and considered! Fred
  13. ferdy

    SOLD 1939 Elgin already ratted, trades?

    Fresh from the barn basement! SN #SC11410. Leave as is and ride it proudly, or restore it- most everything is there. I 'd planned to do it but have changed some priorities. This bike rides great- it's really heavy but once in motion it tends to stay that way. the wheels are reasonably straight...
  14. ferdy

    It takes a community.....1930's Elgin build

    One of the things I like the best about this site is the sense of community for ideas, encouragement, and of course parts. Here's the list of the pieces I accumulated for the bike shown below. @ weakfish- Frame 1930's Elgin @ P.N.A. - Dogleg Crank @ ifitsfreeitsforme- Seat and grips...
  15. ferdy

    Long Spring Seat

    Up for your consideration: A smaller Long Spring Seat- approximately 7.5 X 9.5. Great patina and usable as is. The pan is good shape The rails have been repaired as can be seen in the photos and one of the springs needs to be welded back together. No clamp. $30 shipped (lower 48))
  16. ferdy

    SOLD BMX bars, Stem, Grips

    27" width, 6-7 " rise, new stem, 2.54- never mounted with grips. $50 shipped lower 48
  17. ferdy

    SOLD Drum Brake Hub

    Front Drum Brake hub, 36 hole, with cable- $28 shipped lower 48
  18. ferdy

    Prewar Pedals

    I'm looking for 4 inch X 1/2 threaded set of prewar pedals for a 1926 Elgin. I'd like to spend $30-35 or less, maybe dreaming..... Fred
  19. ferdy

    24" Motor Bike Frame?

    I recently acquired this nifty little prewar frame, forks and fenders. I was told it was an Elgin but would like some confirmation. It has flat fender braces and rain gutter fenders. The seat tube is about 15 inches. 24 inch tires leave a wide gap under the fenders, 26x 1.75's fit quite nicely...
  20. ferdy

    Patina anyone?

    Check this one out! Fred