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  1. Chad T

    1968 Schwinn Sting Ray

    Got this bike off another forum member on here. He said it was a '68 and he got it from the original owner. Looking at it more closely it seems like a lot of the original parts have been replaced with incorrect, off-brand parts. The sissy bar doesn't look right and the cranks look like...
  2. Chad T

    '68 Sting Rat

    I am the third owner of this classic '68 Schwinn Muscle machine. Got it from another forum member on here who purchased it from the original owner in California. Has an 11-speed drivetrain with purple hydraulic disc brakes. Custom springer sissy and gel padded purple Pete Seat.
  3. Chad T

    1982 Schwinn Catalog Funny Quotes

    I love Schwinns and most of my bikes are Schwinns but while looking through the 1982 catalog I found some funny stuff. Mostly typos but this pitch for the Continental with the heavy electro forged frame is hilarious and kind of sad at the same time. Typo is from the catalog also. Now in its...
  4. Chad T

    '68 Sting Rat

    Hey guys! Don't have my bike yet but have started ordering high tech parts from far away lands. I do have a pic from the for sale ad. It's a rat because it's stayin' like dat...:p Nothing more gloomy than some faded campus green so I plan to cheer it up with some purple. I've had this seat...
  5. Chad T

    Chad T-rike

    Been meaning to start a thread for this. Here's what's happening. Got this trike conversion kit.... ...and am going to use it on this bike. Tire selection. Vee Rubber 2.35 Speedsters in brown. Supposed to be really fast. First snag was realizing that I need to move the axle back as...
  6. Chad T

    RRBBO13 Naked Trekie

    So I started looking at older road bikes to possibly upgrade.....noticed how many carbon road bikes there are and how light they are....started asking Oddjob some questions and ended up with the bike you see above. Exposed carbon, polished everything is the plan...doesn't have to win...just...
  7. Chad T

    1971 Schwinn Stardust 10-Speed Resto-mod

    One year only white Stardust....picked clean girls carcass works nicely for the resto-mod gimmic
  8. Chad T

    '71 Schwinn Stardust 10-Speed (Class 1)

    Been pondering a girl's Schwinn for a while and couldn't pass this one up. 1971 White Stardust. One year only color. Basically a Girls Fastback. Got that and a set of tires on the way. Plan is to use some parts I already have to build a super fast ladies machine. Drivetrain still up...
  9. Chad T

    Super Collegiate

    When I was around 7 back in the early sevenites I got to ride my neighbors brand new Schwinn Collegiate. I loved that bike. So smooth, supple and swift. It was also one of the few brand new Schwinns I got to ride. Another wonderful summer spent playing bicycles with you gents...thank you all...
  10. Chad T

    Super Collegiate...Finally Finalized

    So I got this nice Schwinn Camelback from Smoopy's a while back..... Was pretty jazzed about putting my spin on this then the impulse kind of waned.....but not before I bought a few more parts. Guess we can consider this started if sitting in a lawn chair looking at it counts as a...
  11. Chad T

    '70 Fastback...Finally Painted

    :39::39:...guess I don't see a good reason not to...:D Here's the "starting" point for this one. It was technically finished but now it's unfinished because I left off 8 gears....:21...
  12. Chad T

    (MBBO#5 Class 2)Mean Mr Mustard...'70 Fastback....1x9 Conversion

    This bike came along at the right time to have in the build off. Got this right here in the for sale section and did my thing with it. Build thread here... 1970 Schwinn...
  13. Chad T

    (MBBO#05 Class 2) '68 Junior 7

    Started this one last year as a mashup between a '68 Schwinn short frame and a 20 inch Schwinn mountain bike. Here is where this years build began. The makeover. Build thread here. New polished hoops, polished & re-greased the hubs + re-laced wheels with new spokes. Re-covered seat and...
  14. Chad T

    (MBBO#05 Class-2) Mean Mr Mustard...1x9 Install Begins

    Well I got this off of another RRB member last week..... Thought about just doing a Class-1 clean up but one look at the bead-less S5 rims had me wanting to have a look at some wheel sets...:39:...going to convert it from a coaster brake into a single speed with rim brakes. Found some...
  15. Chad T

    (MBBO#05 Class-2) '68 Junior 7...Looks Like it's Done.

    I know I know it's last year's bike. This is just my kid's rider. We entered it last year and got it to here. 1968 Schwinn Stingray Junior frame with Fairlady wing tip guard. 18" Person's repro smoothie. 20"...
  16. Chad T

    The Tacoed Rim & The Fool

    So this guy at work asks me if I can straighten a bicycle wheel for him and I said "Sure. Bring it in." Yesterday he hands me this.:21: This seam is a little worrisome...:eek: Gonna put it on something smooth and try to stand on the high spots. I told him I'd give it my best try.:D
  17. Chad T

    Naked Panther 11 Speed

    Alright fellas. Here she is. Great time as usual...:thumbsup: ...and here's the build thread. Thanks OddJob for the reminder! The parts list. I'm always afraid to do this for fear I'll add it up...
  18. Chad T

    Naked Panther

    Here's my entry for this year. It's going to be naked because my plan is to strip all the paint and polish the alum to a high luster. Bike is a 2000 aluminum Schwinn Panther. Tires showed up while I was at the local bike shop picking up some parts. They came from Chain Reaction along...
  19. Chad T

    MBBO4 Top Ten.

  20. Chad T

    (CLASS 1) '67 Huffy "The Musclepunk"

    I have no idea what causes me to be compelled to build these bikes but I'm glad there are others out there doing the same thing. Great time as usual fellas...:thumbsup:..thank you for all the encouragement and witty banter. This bike has been a lot of fun to tinker with.