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  1. Chuy

    FOUND - Bendix Redband Splined Cog

    Looking for something smaller then the 20 tooth cog I already have. Not really sure what other sizes were made, but would be interested if anyone has one. For reference. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Chuy

    Brooks leather too far gone to restore? *yes it is!*

    I got this B72 in a box full of other saddles. I’ve considered restoring it, but I don’t have the slightest of how to do it. But before I dive into the world of leather restoration, is the saddles leather too far gone? I’ll post a few more pics in a bit. The frames in good shape, a little crust...
  3. Chuy

    Velodrome Swap Meet - Los Angeles

    I placed this in the wrong section earlier. Should be a good one, first one since the covid shut down and bike boom. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Chuy

    March 6 Bicycle Swap Meet - Los Angeles

    Like the ad says, it’s the first swap meet since our covid shut down started a year ago. Should be a good one! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Chuy

    BMX Shirts

    First and foremost we should support Rat Rod Bikes any way we can, I’ve bought a few shirts and other stuff from their shop in the past and I hope you do to! Local museum here in my area, Valley Relics Museum, is having a 30% off sale and that includes their cool BMX shirts from companies that...
  6. Chuy

    Ashtabula Stamped Crank and Quill Stem

    Anyone have a crank and/or stem they’d like to sell? PM me. Shipping would be to Encino, CA 91316. Something in working order and straight if possible. Need cranks for a DX and I’m not sure what lengths they came in for adults. 165mm+ in length. Message me with pics and your price and we’ll...
  7. Chuy


    Hello, Anyone have a spot where you get spokes for a good price? I’m trying to buy a few wheel sets worth at the moment. Out here in CA they go for about $1.25 with the nipple. 216 spokes are needed. 216 spokes @ $1.25 a piece = a lot! I’ll even consider buying blanks and cutting and...
  8. Chuy

    Schwinn Approved Double Clamp

    Anyone seen or have one of these? Were they ever mass produced? I have never seen one, I’d bet that they’re pretty pricey. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Chuy

    Offer up vintage bike sale this Sunday, CA.

    Here’s an ad on offer up, guy looks like he selling the whole lot. Some nice stuff there. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Chuy

    Schwinn Camelback Frame

    I’m looking for a Schwinn camelback frame in either a 26” or 27” wheel size. Let me know what have and a price shipped to 91601. Here’s a couple pics from the web. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Chuy

    WTB: Schwinn Dx Frame or something similar FOUND!

    Buddy of mine is looking for a bike frame to build up. Something like this. Let me know what you guys have, wants a straight/curved bar style frame for a klunker/BMX build. 26” wheel and shipped to 91316 (if you’re not local) Shoot me a message. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Chuy

    Araya Faux-Class Wheels

    I decided to make a false set of Araya Pro Class wheels. Over the years I’ve been drawn to bikes with dimpled rims! I have a few sets of CMC wheels so why not give it a shot. Here’s what I’m starting with. Nice little medium high flanged front hub and a Shimano D-Type coaster for the rear...
  13. Chuy

    ‘57 Schwinn Straight Bar

    I bought this ‘57 a few weeks ago. It came with a mangled drop out and bent chainstays. I got it all sorted out and straight as my lazy eye can see. I stripped it of the cheap green paint, removed chainguard tabs, primered, paint/sand x3 and a few clear coats. I only reused the rims on the...
  14. Chuy

    Is it possible? Yes it is.

    Is it possible to adapt these Oval Concepts 520 crankset onto an American style bottom bracket? I got them for free and I have no idea what type of road/mtb bike they came off of or what type of bearing system they even use. In my head I thought a euro adapter to whatever these bearings...
  15. Chuy

    Couple Cycle Pro’s

    Added another Cycle Pro to the fleet yesterday. I had to bring out my other one for a pic. I really like my coaster Cycle Pro so I’m happy I found a geared one. It is a comfortable cruising bike. I plan on changing it up a little over the weekend and getting a snowflake chainring to match the...
  16. Chuy

    Photoshop Request

    Can someone please photoshop a 3rd bar on this frame? Thinking it’ll look good as a 3 bar cruiser, but my photoshop skills start and end with Microsoft Paint. Here’s the pic, maybe a couple different angles and the 3rd bar ending where the seat tube and top tube meet. Thanks in advance, I...
  17. Chuy

    62 Typhoon Standie

    With all this free time I went thru my parts bins and I put together this Strandie. I have a lot of 26” BMX and just wanted something a little different. Frame 62 Schwinn Typhoon (double straight bar) Cr-Mo 1 piece Cranks and Mongoose Snowflake SR Stem Barefoot Pedals Shimano 3 speed w/coaster...
  18. Chuy

    Vintage VP Toe Clips

    VP-706L Clips came off a vintage mongoose mountain bike. Missing one screw and nut, but other than that they are in good working condition. $15 shipped. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Chuy

    The "Dad" Cruiser

    Now that my kid is turning 1 and ready to go on bike cruises at the beach or on pathways I decided that I wanted to build a full time "dad" cruiser. Specifics I had in mind when putting it together: A bike where her bike seat is attached to full time. Internally geared (not automatic)...
  20. Chuy

    Mother Load of Schwinn's

    This person's collection is huge.