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  1. GuitarlCarl


    Not the correct door but a placeholder pic till I can pick it up. I think Gallagher did this once... Carl.
  2. GuitarlCarl

    Wheels of Confusion

    Well I haven't used any Sabbath songs for a title yet so there's that. I'm also not sure about the ultimate drivetrain for this thing yet, or if I need to do any welding or not. But I've got a modern Whizzer frame, no heavy duty wheels yet and all the accoutrements from my old SGT.ROCK build. I...
  3. GuitarlCarl

    Ruff Tango

    Just the frame. Maybe forks but I don't want to pay for shipping rims and tires, so just a frame would be sweet. Carl.
  4. GuitarlCarl

    Unofficial March Shootout 3 VOTING BOOTH

    Ms. Ratina Patina (Ratty Patty) by @Wildcat Bruised Orange by @Couch tater Electra Bruiser by @handyandy1100 Headbanger III by @GuitarlCarl The Gentlemen's Kruiser by @horsefarmer
  5. GuitarlCarl

    Unofficial March Shootout 3

    This is an "Anything Goes" bicycle build off with few rules. First picture posted March 1st or later captioned "I'm in." Posting progress pictures along the way is encouraged (almost mandatory) and we'll all be in one thread together. and on March 31st or before, final picture captioned "I'm...
  6. GuitarlCarl

    Unofficial March Shootout III discussion

    Any interest in a 31 day build off? Carl.
  7. GuitarlCarl

    ALiEN FiRE rewind

    It was time for a rebuild, it's been buried in the indoor half of my boneyard for a while. As much as I liked the bike there were things I disliked (the banana seat) and many parts got stolen for other builds. I like V2, it's stripped down and lean. It also uses a set of bars I built and have...
  8. GuitarlCarl


    There has been some recent interest in an old build of mine that has been lying in a pile of parts at my second house. I've stolen so much off of it that it'd be easier to build another one than to resurrect this one but it holds a place in my heart too. So here it is, a flipped ladies...
  9. GuitarlCarl

    Into The Silence

  10. GuitarlCarl

    Odyssey of Flight

    A pretentious name for sure but it is apropos for the journey traveled. A Flightliner frame scored here at RRB and a tank from a Ross Thunderjet were the nucleus of an evolving build finalized in the last few days of the buildoff. Odyssey of Flight. The build thread is HERE GC.
  11. GuitarlCarl


    What do you get when you take the back half of a Flightliner and the front half of a children's Trek add a longer fork and chain steering? Sketchy. The little wheel and short wheelbase just loves the touring bike fork and chain steering. I rode it for about an hour today and even with the two...
  12. GuitarlCarl

    BO15 Odyssey of Flight

    Ok I'm in. Picked this sweet Flightliner with og rattrap fork right out of our "Sale" forum from @marius.suiram (Thanks again brother!) Sounds to me like a perfect fit for category one, stock frame and fork. I should have everything I need to get it rolling in a day. Three months to go... Note...
  13. GuitarlCarl

    BO15 a short "Sketchy" ride video.

    Major Edit: Sketchy starts on page 4, Little Neutrino will eventually be rebuilt but I just don't have everything I want to do it right and I don't want to do a half measure... So Sketchy is in it's place. Thanks! Carl. Blowing this apart. Note the flattened out stays. It was that way when I...
  14. GuitarlCarl

    Unofficial March Shootout II 2020 VOTE HERE!

    handyandy1100 bike A ^^^^ handyandy1100 bike B ^^^^ horsefarmer bike C ^^^^ MazdaFlyer bike D ^^^^ sandman bike E ^^^^ schwinn boy bike F ^^^^ Scrap Wolf bike G ^^^^ SoulGarageOH bike H ^^^^ us56456712 bike I ^^^^ us56456712 bike J ^^^^ GuitarlCarl bike K ^^^^...
  15. GuitarlCarl

    Planet X superlight team alu

    My flipper buddy found this on a scrappers truck and got it for ten bucks! I gave him 50 and still robbed him blind. Took it out today, what a beautiful ride, needs new bar tape, but I'm still amazed at how sweet this thing is. Shimano 105 brake/shifters are sick! Carbon fork, Element rims...
  16. GuitarlCarl

    Unofficial March Shootout II

    This is an "Anything Goes" bicycle build off with just two rules. First picture posted March 1st or later captioned "I'm in." Right here in this forum. and on March 31st or before, final picture captioned "I'm done." You can enter any bike in any condition. A voting thread with finished pics...
  17. GuitarlCarl

    Mean Streak

    Well, is it a muscle bike or not? It meets two out of the rules and I would add has a tough stance including pedal parking. Now, I did create it from the bones of a Long BMX, which in turn I created with the tubes from a couple of old ten speeds. But the look is there I think. If I was a banana...
  18. GuitarlCarl

    Long BMXXX

    I chopped up a couple ten speeds and built an adult sized BMX. Stripped Mongoose mags add some old school flair to the bare metal build. Check out the build thread >> HERE << Sent from across the universe using Tapatalk