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  1. Psycho Sammi

    Girvin fork

    looking for a girvin fork like the one in the picture
  2. Psycho Sammi

    Superstition Harley-Davidson® TOY DRIVE

    Superstition Harley-Davidson® TOY DRIVE KICK-OFF Starts Nov. 4, 2017 10:00AM and Ends Nov. 4, 2017 2:00PM Located at Superstition Harley-Davidson® 2910 W. Apache Trail Apache Junction, Arizona 85120 Seductive Car Club 4th Annual Motorcycle and Custom Car Show & Toy Drive Kick-Off @ Superstition...
  3. Psycho Sammi

    Safticycles head badge

    looking for a vintage Safticycles head badge willing to pay up to $85. depending on condition
  4. Psycho Sammi

    Fat KOS Kruiser

  5. Psycho Sammi


  6. Psycho Sammi

    Psycho Safticycle

    This is one of my favorites Safticycle made in Lacrosse Wisconsin got it from a friend whose Dad lives near there don't know much more any info and where you found the info would be appreciated. Also looking for a head badge I was told they are the same head badge as the motorized scooter that...
  7. Psycho Sammi


    This build is a build for one of the owners of the company where my brother and I work. That's where we are getting the name for this build THE BIG BOSS. The owner has seen a few of the bikes I have built and mentioned that he would like to buy one from me one day. I was showing him pics of the...
  8. Psycho Sammi

    (MBBO #5 Class 2) Lil Red Express Trike

    Lil Green Schwinn Trike .I thought September would never get here. I have wanted to do something with this 24" trike I got from Petrohead for some time now. Certain muscle bike parts I have had sitting around for years are now going to finally have a bike to call home. I will have to get some...
  9. Psycho Sammi

    Shiny side up San Jose Ca July 23-24

    Can't wait I think I have everything ready to go
  10. Psycho Sammi

    Ingenious storage ideas

    Recent purchases have left me overflowing with handlebars , fenders , chain guards etc... lets see your ingenious storage ideas for bike parts . I need help LOL.
  11. Psycho Sammi

    The Bad Apple

    I was just looking through the shop for the next project when things just started jumping out at me a 26" muscle bike The Bad Apple. I'm getting started mocking up the bike today . Here is what I have found so far.
  12. Psycho Sammi

    (ORBO) Hanter the Elite Beast finished

    MY BUILD LINK - FRAME - 80's Free Spirit Elite Cruiser FORK - ProFlex Girvin ODS WHEELS - Kinlin Chrome Steel 26x1.75-2.125 REAR 5 SPEED TIRES - Bontrager 26x1.95 VALVE CAPS - Red Anodized Aluminum CRANK -...
  13. Psycho Sammi

    (ORBO) Hanter The Elite Beast ( FINISHED )

    I was struggling to think of a name when the bike kind of named itself the name came from the three bikes I tore down for parts.
  14. Psycho Sammi

    The Blue Diamond

    This Great 1949 Schwinn girls bike Came in to a friends shop . I was going to part it out when later that night it came to me my 20th wedding anniversary is coming up in June. why not fix it up for the wife . So here goes The blue Diamond a mildly custom skip tooth 1949 Schwinn . Got it all...
  15. Psycho Sammi

    Girls Schwinn

    Schwinn girls bike with matching #s , truss rods , locking fork with key , skip tooth, got it for helping a friend for a couple hours going to clean it up as a gift .
  16. Psycho Sammi

    (WBO) Barn Rod [Finished]

    Ok I'm in didn't have anything that was that inspiring that I could put together in this time frame until this weekend when someone decided to pull this frame out of his barn and put it on craigslist. After spending much time staring at it I have decided it needs a sort of rockabilly hot rod...
  17. Psycho Sammi

    My rusty craigslist find of the day

    Found a couple great Schwinn's today at yard sales but this rusty stretch cruiser frame I found on Craigslist was my deal of the day . Thinking W.B.O.
  18. Psycho Sammi

    Loco La Jolla

    Would have posted this in builds but got in to much of a hurry to take pictures its was a last ditch effort to get bike ready for the Savages BC ride this morning sad to say didn't make the 12 o'clock launch . Maybe next time was looking forward to meeting some new people . Got the Next La Jolla...
  19. Psycho Sammi

    From door knob to shift knob

    I found this awesome antique door knob mounted to a board with a couple of glass door knobs in a antique shop today . Had to have it I think its going to make a great suicide shift knob for my Shelby project.
  20. Psycho Sammi

    The Crazed Cranbrook

    One of the guys from work wanted me to build him a cheap cruiser so I decided to revamp the old Cranbrook . Got it mocked up stripped down , cleaned up the welds with a grinder primed and painted the frame and forks over the weekend.