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  1. kram

    Picking a Cruiser - Utah - Please Help!

    I saw that one for sale. I agree that the 1903 was a good choice. Personally the six three zero bikes that keep popping up have a slightly weird look to them. Welcome from another member in Salt Lake City.
  2. kram

    REDUCED Delta Hubba Hubba front and rear light sets

    reduced price bump
  3. kram

    BMXBO Top 5 winners for 2020/2021

    @CRASH Thanks and thanks for taking charge of the build off. Also congrats on the win!!!
  4. kram

    REDUCED Delta Hubba Hubba front and rear light sets

    Front and rear Delta Hubba Hubba light sets. The front set looks to be unused with minor shelf wear, the rear sets been on a bike but still in pretty good shape. I haven’t tested them and missing one bulb. Brass hardware not original but is included. $115 shipped in the lower 48
  5. kram

    Cheap Copper

    @sovericoool and @kingfish254 Thanks for the compliments!
  6. kram

    ‘75 Mag Ray

    I was born in '79 so I wasn't riding for a few more years!
  7. kram


    Cool little bike!
  8. kram

    ‘75 Mag Ray

    Finished this one just in time. My idea for this was hot rod meets bmx. It’s a heavy little bike, but rides really good. I feel like this one isn’t quite done and I’ll do a few changes soon.‘75-mag-ray.113126/
  9. kram

    Cheap Copper

    Humble beginnings
  10. kram

    ‘75 Mag-ray

    Got the seat recovered. Kind of a crappy job, but I had to get it done while my daughter was napping. I have plenty of material and I’ll probably recover it again. I will get some finished pictures of this bike tonight.
  11. kram

    Cheap Copper

    @Bike from the Dead - Thanks. I wanted to be like an old hot rod. @OddJob - That's exactly what I was going for, glad you like it! @MattiThundrrr - That's a cool way of thinking of it. Sometimes I like the bikes that show their age.
  12. kram

    Cheap Copper

    This ‘68 custom stingray was a fun build. Started with an original frame, fork, crankset, and stem. Most of the other parts came from a donor all pro bike. The 20x3 slick is a really tight squeeze, but it just clears. I always liked the look of the early deluxe chainguard decal so I went with...
  13. kram

    ‘75 Mag-ray

    Switched the grips and got the wheels back on. I’ll try to get the seat done and take photos tomorrow.
  14. kram

    ‘75 Mag-ray

    I’m not giving up on this bike yet. Not the best conditions but I’m trying to get the painting finished. The wheels and seat pan will all be painted today. I should have enough time tomorrow to get seat recovered.
  15. kram

    Cheap Copper

    I think that I’m done with this build. I got the kickstand and chain on it. Still needs a bit of tuning, but it’s rideable. Need to get a half link and some washers because there is an occasional rub. That 20x3 fits but it’s super tight. I’m pretty happy with how it’s turned out and will get...
  16. kram


    Cool and unusual bike.
  17. kram

    Black '63 Typhoon build / suggestions ?!

    Cool Typhoon. This is totally my personal opinion, but I would leave the paint on the frame. Especially if you were going to paint it black again, generally speaking original paint is always more desirable and cooler. With some rubbing compound and a coat of wax you can get that paint looking...
  18. kram

    Schwinn deluxe cruiser, stingray bmx, and a Racer. Added ‘64 stingray

    Add another schwinn to this list. Bought this for cheap not knowing what it was. It’s been painted a few times and once I found the serial number it turned out to be a 1964 stingray. Most of the parts aren’t original, but this is my first early stingray.
  19. kram


    Very cool! I need to find me one of those frames.
  20. kram

    Announcement: Deadline extension - March 15th

    I'm really glad for this. I'm getting close on both my builds, but it's been too cold and wet to get much done.