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  1. furyus

    SOLD 1939 Mesinger Schwinn World Leather Seat

    Rare condition example. Leather in very nice condition, with treatment would be very serviceable. OG paint and light corrosion underneath can be preserved into a sweet survivor seat. Frame looks straight, no cracking around rivets. 11” long by 7 1/2” wide. Hate letting this one go, but you enjoy...
  2. furyus

    SOLD Cruddy Fork

    Probably Hawthorne, possibly pre-war. Suspect 26” wheel fitment, 28” would be tight. Steering neck slightly bent, by design or by accident. Ghostly splashes of a blue or green paint, barely. Solid and crusty at the same time, which we all know is a feature not a fault. $50 shipped to the Lower...
  3. furyus

    Quiver of Handlebars

    SOLD 1) very rare 1977 Schwinn Runabout touring bars, flat and narrow $50 shipped SOLD 2) Torrington bars, original black, possibly off a juvenile bike but sweet shorty geo $50 shipped 3) Schwinn MX, short but a mellow pull-back, OG paint and primer, probably from the 70’s $60 shipped SOLD 4)...
  4. furyus


    1982 Huffy Pro Thunder Max. We’re both too old to huck around much, but we’ll be right at home on a paved path, boardwalk or in the pits. No fabrication, just attention to detail and parts that compliment each other. And shiny for a change. furyus
  5. furyus

    SOLD 1941 Schwinn DX Frame Sidewinder Fork Klunk! Price Drop!

    1941 Schwinn Lincoln-badged DX frame with a 1983 Schwinn Sidewinder fork. Frame and fork are straight. Taller frame, steering head measures 5 1/2” and seat tube, center of crank housing to top of seat clamp is 18”. Sale includes frame, fork, pre-war headset (newer Schwinn bearings) and...
  6. furyus


    Metal water air Rat Rod Bikes Build Off Sixteen creative decay furyus
  7. furyus

    SOLD Schwinn Springer Postwar

    Really nice postwar Schwinn springer. Suspect mid ‘50’s vintage. Looks to be original paint. Threads in excellent condition. Includes partial headset (no bearings). Steering tube measures 6 3/4” from the top of the bearing race to the end of the tube. $200 firm includes shipping to the Lower 48...
  8. furyus

    BO15 Little Deuce Deuce Coupe

    You don’t know what I’ve got. For years I’ve found my niche with old, rusty Schwinn Sting-Rays, like DeterioRat and Coda. With Coda, I felt I had done all I wanted to do with corrosion. I liquidated my entire Sting-Ray collection, save my wife’s Slik Chic. Now I find myself in the Anything...
  9. furyus

    MBBO Vintage Schwinn 39t Sprint Sprocket $20

    My favorite sprocket for muscle bikes. Cool industrial look with the hardware for the outer ring (outer ring not included). Came off a ‘65 Varsity; fits Sting-Ray cranks all day long. Scratched up but overall nice condition. No broken teeth. $20 shipped anywhere in the Lower 48 with tracking...
  10. furyus

    Schwinn Touring Bars, Weinmann 999 Brakes

    ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING TO THE LOWER 48 AND PAYPAL FEES. Circa 1976 touring handle bars, Schwinn stamped. Narrow and low. Very nice condition. Includes Schwinn chubbies. $40 shipped from VA. PayPal, I’ll pay the fees. Engraved Weizmann 999 brakes, off the above-mentioned ‘63...
  11. furyus

    Schwinn Sprint Parts $50 Shipped

    Schwinn Sprint leather seat, water bottle holder, large toe clips and freewheel. Nice stuff for an older Schwinn display. All serviceable condition, leather is old and cracked but will display well. $50 shipped for the lot to the Lower 48 only, no international shipping. PayPal, I’ll pay the fees.
  12. furyus

    Schwinn Bits Cheap incl Schwinn Slik

    HeyHowdy. All prices include shipping to the Lower 48. No international shipping - sorry. Paypal, and I’ll pay the fees. SOLD Lots of Schwinn nuts, bolts, washers, bearings etc. Several Q bolts. All USA factory stuff from the 60’s. Very nice complete headset and seat clamp included. $20...
  13. furyus


    coda noun co·da | \ ˈkō-də \ 1a: a concluding musical section that is formally distinct from the main structure b: a concluding part of a literary or dramatic work 2: something that serves to round out, conclude, or summarize and usually has its own interest After a dozen or so Sting-Rays...
  14. furyus

    Formatting a post with pictures

    Have not had this issue before, but I also haven’t posted in awhile. Every time I add an image to a post, it defaults to the top of the post regardless of where I place the cursor. Every image I try to add to the post defaults back to the top of the post, even if I’m two or three paragraphs...
  15. furyus


    I’ve been wrestling with the idea of simplifying my life for the last couple of years, and I believe this frame will be the last bike I “build.” Really more of a preservation in this case. I’m eliminating collections of “stuff” from my life, including bicycles, but I’ve got to have at least one...
  16. furyus

    Random Bits

    Sorry if the pictures aren't the best. Future pics will be from my camera not my cheap tablet. All prices include shipping to the Lower 48 from Virginia. Alaska, Hawaii and international rat rodders, reach out and perhaps we can work something out. Paypal, goods and services, I'll pay the...
  17. furyus

    1961 Schwinn Corvette 5-Speed Frame & Bits

    '61 Corvette 5-speed frame, original f/r Atom/Schwinn hubs, correct sprocket, '61 crank, and Huret spoke protector. Includes everything pictured EXCEPT the Schwinn starburst badge, which was already sold. Frame was spray-bombed by someone else some time ago; Radiant Red underneath. Great...
  18. furyus


    HeyHowdy. All prices include shipping to the Lower 48. PayPal only, I pay the fees. I work about 60-some hours a week, but I promise I'll get back to you as quickly as possible. First up, some bits to get that vintage road bike back in the wind. Velo-Orange brake and derailleur cable kits...
  19. furyus

    Hope everyone enjoys BO12...

  20. furyus

    Bought Not Built

    For the first time in over 30 years I bought a brand new bicycle. After years of chasing vintage parts I decided 2017 will be a year focused on actually riding a bike rather than scouring the web for just the right bits. Not saying I'm never going to build a bike again, but for the near future...