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  1. Rockit!

    SOLD 1951 Schwinn barn fresh N Carolina

    What you see is what you get. Tires are shredded, rear wheel needs to be re-spoked. Original paint, nothing is frozen up. Put some new tires on and ride it around! Spiderwebs and dust included at no extra charge. $200 cash takes it home. Local pick up near St Pauls, North Carolina (20 minutes...
  2. Rockit!

    I need 2 parts to get me in the Build Off!

    I need two things and I am in! A 5/8" seat post, and a some handlebars. Flat-ish Kinda straight-ish or somewhat curved-ish. Make sense? AKA "I'll know it when I see it" :113:
  3. Rockit!

    REDUCED 24" wheel set w/ 3spd and Thick Bricks

    A great set for your build off bike! Prewar hoops, lots of rust pits, painted with white appliance epoxy. (It's tough!) Professionally spoked and trued, front is an Elgin finned hub, rear is a Shimano 3 speed with coaster brake. (Not tested) Heavy gauge spokes on the rear. The Thick Bricks have...
  4. Rockit!

    Natural Born Rat

    This really great bike popped up on the 'bay, I LOVE it. There's just something about the way it sits, perfect patina, that chain guard....... If I had it, I'd pop a set of rusty apes on it and RIDE! If it weren't way out in Ohio, I think it would be minneeee :cry:
  5. Rockit!

    I waxed my truck

    I saw the Turtle Wax Black Box in the store yesterday and couldn't resist.....not too shabby to be almost 14 years old! :113:
  6. Rockit!


    I just had to share my excitement here......after THREE years of looking, I finally got my hands on a solid headlight bezel for my Spaceliner!! Also......once I get a little free time, I am totally making repops :rockout::banana:
  7. Rockit!

    Bidding War!

    Check it out. This is what happens when one person gets mad and drops and insane bid......they get stuck with it! :43:
  8. Rockit!


    This is the luckiest unlucky bicycler on the planet. Pay close attention around the 20 second's like that tablecloth trick, but backwards!
  9. Rockit!

    Oaks and Spokes Raleigh NC

    April 2014. Could be fun!
  10. Rockit!

    Frame building workshop

    Frame building workshop in Philly!
  11. Rockit!

    A real loss

    A big loss. Moses Mathis was a local legend for years in NC. ... c=fo.local
  12. Rockit!

    Well, today is a Holiday (Facebook Bike of the Day)

    What better way to celebrate the 4th of July than by putting together a Holiday! I traded for this bike a while back, and finally decided to do something with it. Hope you guys like it! Update: My bike was selected as the RRB Bike of the Day on Facebook 7-11-13!!! 8)
  13. Rockit!

    15 minute jobs

    I got a NOS shifter cable for the Silver King today. I figured "hey, I might as well put it on now, it'll only take 15 minutes." 3 hours, a tig welder, a trip to the hardware store, and 20 odd tools later................. :roll:
  14. Rockit!

    Ratty Silver King

    I finally scored a Silver King frame for pretty cheap. I decided to build it up with parts I had laying around instead of working on my Build-Off bike :roll: This will be my new commuter, it rides GREAT. :mrgreen: I still need to get the two-speed up and running, but I couldn't wait to share...
  15. Rockit!

    Motorcycle opinions please

    Hey guys, a friend is interested in this Honda 750 and asked for opinions. I don't follow bike prices very much, but this does seem high to me. Although as far as I know the 750's are good bikes. Any opinions and advice are greatly welcome!
  16. Rockit!

    Dana 3-speed freewheeling?

    Seems like some people have problems with the Dana 3-speed free-wheeling on them. Here's a little trick to get it working right for a coaster brake. When you open yours up you will see this. Note the yellow pointer to that pawl. I played with it in it's original configuration, and noticed that...
  17. Rockit!

    AUNT FLOW (another distraction 7-4)

    Don't worry, it's just a name, not a theme :lol: :lol: I'll give you guys a few days to figure out what I'm using :mrgreen: Basically I plan to combine this: With this: And hopefully get a cool bike out of it! Pictures coming soon........
  18. Rockit!


    I want a tractor-cycle. ... otorcycle/
  19. Rockit!

    Mutant Bike Workshop NY

    Cool event coming up in upstate New York this summer. It's at a really great place!
  20. Rockit!

    Delta Guardlite

    Anybody ever come across a Guardlite? They look super cool 8)