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  1. Big Ape

    Elgin stripper! aka Be-bop-a-Lula....she's my baby!

    Since I made some room selling off a couple of bikes and some parts, I was able to drag this Elgin curved seat tube frame down out of the rafters. And, along with some spare parts and some former build off parts, I threw this little barhop rat together. I had this set of jr. Mark 5 handlebars...
  2. Big Ape

    Chain Bike Co.- Thunderjet - Ross. Tank and chain guard. SOLD.

    I have a Thunderjet tank and chain guard that I am selling as a set. They did not come off of the same bike, but they are for a CBC / Ross Thunderjet bike. I bought the tank and painted another chain guard because I couldn't find an original guard, so when I found an original chain guard, I had...
  3. Big Ape

    Super Sonic rat rod! Now parting out !! Take $10.00 off of marked prices!

    This was one of my build off bikes. It is a Schwinn American frame and fork modified to mold a Shelby long nose springer into it. The springer works great as it was intended to. I will probably parr this bike out, due to the sum of the parts being greater than the value of the bike. I am asking...
  4. Big Ape

    1953 Western Flyer (Monark built) survivor bike. SOLD

    IMG_0436 by Big Ape posted Sep 2, 2017 at 5:18 PMIMG_0437 by Big Ape posted Sep 2, 2017 at 5:18 PMIMG_0437 by Big Ape posted Sep 2, 2017 at 5:18 PMIMG_0438 by Big Ape posted Sep 2, 2017 at 5:18 PMIMG_0439 by Big Ape posted Sep 2, 2017 at 5:18 PMIMG_0440 by Big Ape posted Sep 2, 2017 at 5:18...
  5. Big Ape

    Murray dirty cat in Arkansas
  6. Big Ape

    1959 Edsel mild custom car...revisited!

    I have been away for awhile.............mostly due to working on my cars. I wanted to do more on the Edsel, so I added a 360" engine (OK, is a sbc) and added a 700r4 transmission which matched up nicely with the 3.50 gear in the 9" rear. Then I did some custom exhaust work and added the...
  7. Big Ape

    Anybody found an option for overpriced vintage chain guards? Fender skirts maybe?

    I have been getting a little frustrated looking for cool vintage chain guards. Not only with the rarity but the price tag that comes with it being highly sought after. I don't really care about having a rare chain guard on most of my rat builds, but I do want something that looks cool. I got a...
  8. Big Ape

    SOLD 1962 Schwinn American Deluxe slimline project -- For Sale!

    Are you bummed because you missed @SimpleMan s Schwinn American project that he had for sale??? Do you wish and wonder when a deal like that may ever come your way again??? we have deal for you!!!! And at the same price to only $155 plus shipping! Here is a 1962 Schwinn American...
  9. Big Ape

    P40- SHE'S AWOL!!! Now Showing X-52.5 aka Plan B

    This bike will be my tribute to a WWII fighter plane that was as American as apple pie!! Especially after some crazy nose art that the Flying Tigers added to their planes! These pictures are my inspiration for this build. So, there will be no flashy chrome, just some od green paint although...
  10. Big Ape

    SOLD 3G linkage fork springer chopper........ mbbo?

    I have a nice 3G linkage fork for sale. This unit is probably over 10 years old, the chrome does show some minor pitting if you look really close. You may be able to polish it up, I just haven't tried. The bike this was on has never seen harsh conditions, but I doubt that the chrome is near the...
  11. Big Ape

    Sledsel got some new shoes!

    I decided that it was time to change wheels and tires on my Edsel sled (Sledsel). I went from 14s to 15s, Wheel Vintiques Supreme wheels and some 70 series chubby whitewall tires. I know, the brake drums gotta get some paint on them soon. But, I had to make sure that everything fit with no...
  12. Big Ape

    Murray Fire Cat frame and fork

    I got this frame locally and if I keep it, nothing will go back original. I will probably try to build another big boy muscle bike with it. I THINK, that some real muscle bike guy may do it more justice than I will. So, here it is for sale. All that you see is all that I have. Price $160.00...
  13. Big Ape

    J.C. Penney's Black Cat-- nope, regular old firecat.

    I am still trying to pry this away from the current owner. I believe that it is a rare Black Cat chopper, missing lots of parts!! I will either sell it to someone who wants to restore it, or use it in the next MBBO!!
  14. Big Ape

    Springtime in the Ozarks swap meet Springfield, MO. May 15, 2016

    This is always a good event. We have lots of fun!!
  15. Big Ape

    1959 Schwinn Tiger 3 speed $ 95 This is my friends bike. I think that we should be able to ship at $50 to the lower 48. I can get serial number from him if anyone needs that info.
  16. Big Ape

    Done DONE!!!! Capt. America's Zenith Fastback!!

    So, since I can not build 2 bikes in B.O. 11. And there is over a month until it begins, I plan to get this build finished before the build off starts! I am starting with a Snyder fastback frame (1937 if I remember correctly), the top of the line for this frame was the very popular "ZEP" model...
  17. Big Ape

    OMG, BUY ME NOW!!!! 3G Chopper Rasta bike!

    Posting this for a friend. A very cool 3G rasta chopper! Linkage fork, front disc brake, rear roller brake, single speed. He did remove the pot decals from this bike (he has young daughters). Bike is as shown in the pictures, nothing will be removed. $475 shipped to the lower 48 states. We will...
  18. Big Ape

    Hot Wheels tire set

    I purchased this pair of tires not realizing just how wide they would be on a 57mm rim. I don't want to modify the frame and fork that these were going to be installed on, so they are back up for sale. I am just needing to break even, but if there is no interest here, I have no issues selling...
  19. Big Ape

    Vee Twinz tires, anybody running them?

    I recently found these and decided to buy a pair to try.They are cheap enough, Universal cycles has them at $18 each for either 26 x 2.125 or 26 x 2.35 sizes. When you can put Cool and Cheap in the same sentence, I'm in. Is anybody running these on a bike? Any reviews on them? I guess it is a...
  20. Big Ape

    Curved seat tube but, what is it?? On ebay right now, starting at $150 and says free economy shipping. Skip tooth and very cool lines!!