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  1. HuffDaddy

    WTB: J.C. Higgins JET FLOW Horn Tank

  2. HuffDaddy

    WTB: J.C. Higgins JET FLOW Horn Tank

    I looking for a JET FLOW horn tank with the original paint. Doesn't have to be prefect, my bike isn't. Anyone have one they are willing to part with, sell? Let me know. Thanks.
  3. HuffDaddy

    various sized heavy duty layback seatposts

    I'm looking for a 13/16" seatpost too!
  4. HuffDaddy

    WTB - 26" FAT FRANK tire

    No one has one of these tires they want to sell? Anyone need this one?
  5. HuffDaddy

    RRBBO13 no.13

    Well, I traded my Monark frame to MONARKofSoCal for this Columbia. Same plan, same theme, different frame. Time to get busy!
  6. HuffDaddy

    RRBBO13 no.13

    My rims came in the mail over the weekend, I dropped them off at me favorite bike shop to have these hubs put in them. Yes, it's true, I don't know how to spoke a wheel. These wheels might look familiar, I bought them from KingFish a while back.
  7. HuffDaddy

    RRBBO13 no.13

    Looks like I might be switching frames, actually trading frames.
  8. HuffDaddy

    RRBBO13 Q U O I S E

    Lookin' great! Beautiful welds!
  9. HuffDaddy

    RRBBO13 no.13

    I ordered a couple 3G rims for my build, hopefully they will show up soon.
  10. HuffDaddy

    RRBBO13 The Grey Goose " Finished "

    Cool frame! I'm going to have to get some CLR!
  11. HuffDaddy

    RRBBO13 Ankle Biter

    That little guy is very cool!
  12. HuffDaddy

    RRBBO13 Fiasco

    I like the way it's looking!
  13. HuffDaddy

    RRBBO13 no.13

    I feel like I'm falling behind, I work too much. I have been figuring out details. I have a couple seats to pick from that I think will work. Also, since the bike has the upper bracket already for a Monark springer, I'm going to try to turn the fork into a springer. And if I can't save the...
  14. HuffDaddy

    RRBBO13 Gemello-Yellow

    Love that frame!
  15. HuffDaddy


    Nice find, love the frame!
  16. HuffDaddy

    RRBBO13 Warbonnet

    Cool bike! Can't wait to see more!
  17. HuffDaddy

    RRBBO13 no.13

    When I bought the Monark frame that I'm using, I was curious why it had a upper springer fork bracket with a regular fork. They both look like they have been on the frame forever. Well, now I know, Monark used the same bracket for truss rod. These might be hard to find, might have to make them.