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  1. yoothgeye

    Loopy He-Man aka: Sprocket and Hubs

    There’s nothing else I can do with this bike but ride it, and I just rode it all over town and I love this thing, and I hope you do too. This bike started life as a Jamis Explorer 5 speed and I went in a late 80s early 90s BMX direction with it. The bike is dialed and I love it.
  2. yoothgeye

    Loopy He-Man

    I guess I’ll build a bike. I’ve been sitting on this one for a few years. It’s a tank. A Jamis Boss Explorer. Originally a 5 speed, I plan to make it a single speed cruiser. It has some BMX cues and some MTB cues. I’m going to try to erase the MTB stuff like the bottle cage and I’d really like...
  3. yoothgeye

    Schwinn Scrape Krate

    I posted this in builds, but added some details today and I’m calling this one “done.” I built it Monday or Tuesday. Enjoy.
  4. yoothgeye

    Walmart Clearance on Bell Tires/tubes

    I’m at my local Walmart and noticed that in the bicycle section all the Bell brand tubes are $1 each and tires from 12.5 - 29” are $2.50 to $5 each. I just stocked up on 20” tubes and bought some whitewall cruiser tires for $4 each. Unfortunately someone beat me to the 26” tubes. Might...
  5. yoothgeye

    TikTok, what?

    So there’s this app, I’m sure you’ve heard of it or had to watch teenage girls doing stupid dances staring at their phones. I’ve had it on my phone for over a year just to keep tabs since my older 2 kids have it. I posted a few videos mostly for my daughter. Friday night I posted a 1 minute...
  6. yoothgeye

    Cool Frame Design for road/fixed/custom

    Some track and track style bikes have some cool design ideas, many not cool and they show up here, but I saw this on Instagram a few minutes ago and had to steal the pics and share. It came from a bike builder in the Ukraine. I love that. The rest of the frame is also unique, but the front...
  7. yoothgeye

    Build-Off Bike... Sold

    I still have every build-off bike I’ve made or started but this year I sold my build-off bike. I guess the thing that bothers me most is the fact that the bike market sucks so bad locally that I only got $90 for it. Haha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. yoothgeye

    Roast My YouTube Channel

    I’ve had a YouTube channel for over 13 years now, recently I’ve been trying to make a video a week and now I’ve narrowed my content to bike/truck stuff. I just released a 2 part video about whether or not you should fix up that old bike you have. I’m looking for brutal commentary from fellow...
  9. yoothgeye

    Reverse Articulating Trike

    Decided to get something out of my head yesterday and onto 3 wheels. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. yoothgeye

    Double pull brake lever

    I got this double pull brake lever off a BMX years ago, 2 cables going to the gyro instead of the usual 1 split cable to the gyro. I offered it up on sale here once upon a time but nobody showed interest. Tonight I was finishing up hopefully the last OCC Chopper and this 3 speed model has...
  11. yoothgeye

    Who is stripping and auctioning off OCC Chopper Bikes on eBay?!?!

    I have this neighbor who loves OCC Chopper/Sting Ray Bikes. In the past I fixed a couple of his that had issues (flat tire, stripped crank arm), but this summer he brought me 2 to assemble and another one yesterday. He is buying them off of eBay, but the seller is selling each piece...
  12. yoothgeye

    Removing rust with vinegar: weird reaction

    I’ve used vinegar to remove rust from old chains plenty of times. You can see the rust bubbling away and it leaves a light film of bubbles and rust on the top. Well, I normally use apple cider vinegar but the other day I used white vinegar, put the chain a peanut butter jar and slid it out of...
  13. yoothgeye

    The Rattiest 26” BMX

    I’ve built so many bikes this spring/summer that have not been documented. I figure it’s time to share again. A coworker brought me her old Columbia Sports 3 bike for me to fix up for her to ride. It’s a men’s 3 speed. Her wheels were toast but I actually had been holding onto an old Columbia...
  14. yoothgeye

    No Mask Needed

    If you followed my first build, Donkey Kong Loves Dubstep, you’ll see I really didn’t love it. So I grabbed a modified Huffy frame from the shed and threw parts at until I finished. Not much more to say, enjoy and if you want to buy this bike or the Donk and you can come get it, hit me up...
  15. yoothgeye

    BO15 No Mask Necessary

    Alright guys, I just moved Donkey Kong Love Dubstep into the Build forum and I’m starting a new build-off Bike now. Why? I build bikes I want, I didn’t want the Donk, I can’t imagine myself riding it much and as fun as it was to fit 32” tires on an old Murray, I just wasn’t digging it. So...
  16. yoothgeye

    Donkey Kong Loves Dubstep

    I guess I’m going to try to finish a bike this year, I’ve set a very low goal, so I should be finished and riding soon. I’m starting with a 1988 Murray Monterey cantilever frame with the bullet drop outs. I used an identical ‘76 frame in my first build-off many years ago. Ever since...
  17. yoothgeye

    Western Flyer Invader Mag BMX

    I ran to Lowe’s yesterday to get some electrical repair parts and came home to this in the driveway. An older gentleman had dropped it off and given my kids his number because he needed a chain fixed on a different bike, he just wanted me to have this BMX. The Lester Mags are in such good...
  18. yoothgeye

    Tallbike Build Video

    Been meaning to video a tallbike build for a long time and finally did. Pretty basic build, but lots of info. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. yoothgeye

    Earth Cruiser Resurrection

    The other day in Bike Talk I showed an Earth Cruiser that garnered some attention. This is a bike I’ve been after locally for years. I’ve seen different people riding this bike all over town but never parked where I could ask about it. Finally I saw a guy walking it up the road with a flat...
  20. yoothgeye

    Lock-Down bikes

    Sorry if this has been covered, this pandemic has put me out of work (teaching) and I’ve been using the time to clean up my shop and dispose of and part out some bikes. I’m just trying to keep my mind and hands occupied. Anyone else? I build my neighbor a quick bike for her birthday 40th today...