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  1. RonK

    SVG stencil files

    I’m certain this has been asked, and I apologize in advance. I’ve spent the last 40 minutes searching through all the posts and could not find anything. My wife has a circuit, and I’m looking for an svg file for Schwinn DX frame graphics like the ones below. I’m building one up, the paint is to...
  2. RonK

    Withdrawn Vintage Sturmey Archer front and rear drum brakes! PRICE REDUCTION

    I’ve been collecting cool an unique bike stuff for years. I got these some time back for a build…but am starting to let it go, little by little. Up for grabs is a matched pair of Vintage SA drum brake hubs. Stamped “Made in England” and “5 79”. Great condition, and just the right amount of...
  3. RonK

    A little help, please?

    SN reads 5M16166 with an A punched perpendicular on the BB. Thanks for the help, team.
  4. RonK


    Hi all, Have not posted on here in a really long job, traveling with the family, and a multitude of covid-based excuses. I have a crap ton of parts and frames that I have amassed over the years, I guess I could build something...I've been threatening to actually build the tandem that...
  5. RonK

    New Jump Bike spotted in Sacramento.

    It was only a matter of time... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. RonK

    As seen in a shop window :(.

    My wife and I have been in Maui for the last week and we came across this in the window of a local shop in Whalers Village in Kaanapali. It hurts my heart to see something so cool just sitting there wasting away. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. RonK


    I wasn’t very creative with the name in this bike, but turns out that it works in a few different ways. -My last BBO bike was TWENTY2 -My last BBO was 7 years ago -This bike I’m running 29’s -TWENTY2 + 7 = TWENTY9! I knew I wanted to build a klunker or BMX cruiser. In the end, klunker won...
  8. RonK


    Well, it’s been a number of years since I had the motivation to build a bike for a BBO. It really started with me wanting to go ride with my wife and friends for the Sacramento Cyclefest pre-show ride (well, that AND my wife telling me to clean up or get rid of my collection of bikes. It’s...
  9. RonK

    ID help

    I haven’t been on the RRB forums for a few years, and I guess I’ve lost my touch on id’ing old bikes. I guess I should know what I have here. I’ve had the frame for some time, and just put it together for the Sacramento Cyclefest and just might throw it into the mix of the BBOXIV Thanks in...
  10. RonK

    Birthday surprise for the wife-a-roni.

    Just picked this up today, mid sixties huffy. Pretty complete minus a chain guard and original rubber. I have just over 2 weeks to get this on the road...or close :). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. RonK

    Sacramento Area fabber...

    Hey guys, long time no "see" has been hectic! A few months ago there was a guy who had posted a mildly stretched vintage frame on the Sacramento Craigslist. Does anyone here know who it was or have any pics of the bike? I thought I had saved them (I LOVE the bike)...but alas, I hadn't...
  12. RonK

    1937 ZEP / Hawthorne (Colson?)

    Decided to get off my butt and start building this frame up after over a year of it hanging in the garage. I bought it here from a fellow forum member, and have pretty much left it as is...dinged, dented, but solid. Probably keep it a pretty straightforward build, nothing fancy . This is how I...
  13. RonK


    My old boss called me and said that his and his girlfriends bikes were stolen from a local sports bar called Strikes here in town. This happened a couple of nights ago. Her bike has a great amount of sentimental value. It's a Pink Cadillac El Dorado beach cruiser, and his is an upper end black...
  14. RonK

    Fresh meat for the fleet. R

    A good friend of mine cleaned out his garage and gave me a couple of projects that he doesn't have time for . There's a Hawthorne, a straight and true skiptooth wheelset and driveline, and a Trek "Woody" in there. The Colson is a project I've had for some time and just recently got theotivation...
  15. RonK

    Any of you sage experts ever heard of one of these?

    I've got a frame, fork, crank, handlebars, etc. I've never heard of a Sayre & Company. Any ideas? Serial # on the BB is H62275 Thanks for the help, guys! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. RonK

    It's a family affair...

    So, I haven't been on here in quite some time. New career, new home, teen aged daughters playing sports and participating in fun academy...doesn't leave me a whole lot of time to tinker in the man-cave. I finally got around to personalizing middle daughter's bike, and now just have youngest...
  17. RonK

    ***stolen bike alert, downtown Sacramento last night***

    Hey all, some low life jumped a friend's fence last night and stole two bikes. A green Rat Fink with custom pedals, and a satin black stretch cruiser with pink hoops on it. Locals, please keep an eye out for me! Cheers Ron K
  18. RonK

    What does everyone do when they're not messing with their bi

    I'll start this off...I spend time with my best friend who is also my wife and our three daughters. My dad lives with us, too! We just bought a boat this morning, and took it on it's maiden voyage this evening...have to fill up the time until the next build off!!!
  19. RonK

    TWENTY2...In the midnight hour!

    To say I cut this close is an understatement. I would first of all like to thank Kingfish254 for kicking me in the butt to enter the BB07 and RatRod for hosting such a class site! I would equally like to thank my beautiful wife, Emily, and my daughters Alison, Audra, and Elise for buying this...
  20. RonK

    Got a nice score last night/ this morning!

    Found it on CL last night, and the guy is bringing it to my work this afternoon. My butt is already happy!