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    Custom Bike Rack

    I had a roof mounted bike rack system on my 6, but I thought it took away from the looks of the car. I decided to figure out a way to take advantage of the stock tow hook mounts in the rear. They are 28" apart.. very close to the 27" spacing of the roof mounted bar positions. There was...

    Roof Rats

    Took this shot over the weekend with a few rats loaded up on the roof Mixing a little new and old...

    August 18th Vintage Bicycle Parade - TOMORROW!!!

    Calling All Cincinnati Rat Riders!!! August 18th Parade Just a quick update. They sent me the parade staging info and we are meeting in section Blue 43 at the Mason Municipal building.  They request that we are there by 8:30. The gates will be open at 7:00.  See everybody there! Our group has...

    Has anybody ever seen a Horn like this?

    I got this EA Laboratories horn over the weekend. It has the loud "klaxon" sound grunt when you pull the trigger. I cant seem to find any information on it. I can find plenty of the top plunger style, but nothing in this bullet shape with the art deco grill. The white is all enamel coating...

    1971 Schwinn Manta Ray - Kool Orange - FINISHED

    The guy that installed the AC unit in my house last year sent me a text out of the blue. He said he had his dad's old bike that he wanted to sell and he wanted to give me the first shot at it since he saw the old bikes in my garage when he put in the AC. It is a 1971 Manta Ray. It needs some...

    19?? Colson something?

    My next project... Just threw some parts together for now. Not sure how it will end up.

    1987 GT Zoot Scoot

    Just picked this up today

    26" BMX Build - a few tweaks 3-2-13 The GT Mach Wannabe

    I am reviving this build from the last build off. I just didn't have the time to finish it. I want to turn this thing into an 80's style bmx, but bigger so I can actually ride it. I am leaning toward painting the frame and bars white and going with a blue or orange accent theme, but that is...

    1980 Huffy Pro Thunder BMX - FINISHED

    Found this 80's classic on lunch today
  10. GTCOMA

    Happy Halloween!

  11. GTCOMA

    The Moscow Mule...

    Okay, so i finally decided on a new pic to submit. I am going with a shot of my Moscow Mule (1955 Schwinn Flying Star) on the platform of the old train station in Morrow, OH Here is my Build thread for this bike: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=36940&st=0&sk=t&sd=a and here is the pic I am officially...
  12. GTCOMA

    Ross Apollo - all original

    My parents found this one for me today. It is a 1978 (i think) Ross Apollo. Everything appears to be original and in great shape. Only needs a light cleaning and the sissy bar needs to be turned around :?: the seat is even in perfect condition and the vinyl is still soft
  13. GTCOMA

    Restored White Schwinn Grips

    It's amazing what you can do with a little OCD, a dozen toothpicks, a toothbrush and Simple Green in only two short hours... Somebody thought it would be smart to paint some dirty white grips to restore them. I had to see what was underneath Before After
  14. GTCOMA

    2007 Felt Bandit 3 speed

    I picked this up today at our monthly ride from GCBike. I will probably make a few small changes and give it a detailing, but it is an awesome bike as is...
  15. GTCOMA

    1972 Schwinn Continental - New Name - The Big Lemon

    This is a 1972 Schwinn Continental that I have converted to a kind single speed cruiser. The entire bike has been meticulously overhauled. All bearings have been completely cleaned and repacked with Red Devil grease All new brake pads Dia Compe center pull calipers New Shimano brake levers New...
  16. GTCOMA

    80's BMX seats

    I found these over the weekend. Anybody know anything about them? what they might have been on? value? One says Bikeway Aero on the side, but they are both Velo seats.
  17. GTCOMA

    We Found All the Bikes! Everybody can stop looking

    Rusty513 and I went out to a secret bike shop and found a few bikes upstairs. No old tank bikes, but if you are looking for diamond frame schwinn, this is the place. I bought one of these yellow continentals. these were the only ones he would not sell this is what I came home...
  18. GTCOMA

    Calling All Cincinnati Rat Riders!!! August 20th Parade

    Our group has been asked to participate in the Mason Ohio Heritage & Bicycle Festival Parade! It is on Saturday August 20th at 10AM. After the parade there will be tons of activities and a 9 mile bicycle scavenger hunt through the city if you choose to participate. If you do the scavenger...
  19. GTCOMA

    Goodwill Schwinn W/Bonus Leather seat

    Lunchtime Bike Find! 1968 january Schwinn Typhoon 2 speed yellow band !!!! And that seat is Actual Leather!!! I've never seen one quite like this. Mini apes with black glitter grips Schwinn headlight, generator tail light Battery horn Schwinn speedometer Schwinn westwind tires in great shape...
  20. GTCOMA

    The BIG-MX

    My goal is to build a 26" BMX Starting off with a nasty Jamis Taxi frame. It is a nice looptail cruiser frame. Not sure what color paint yet. I am debating on getting some anodized parts... not sure... Anyway, here is what I am starting with. gonna lose the chainguard and grind off the...