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    springer/suspension type forks?

    haven't seen a thread for them (unless it's in another section. point me to it please if so). i need an idea. just picked up my favorite type of mountain bike to get rear suspensions from and need an idea for the front if i don't find something myself here soon (love to find something crazy...
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    did/does pork chop bmx make a chopper?

    been looking at this bike off and on for a few weeks and decided to buy it for a new project. i kinda half noticed it said "pork chopper" but i wasn't really thinking about it 'til i brought it on the way to work just now. i haven't seen one like it. not that it's really special (i plan to cut...
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    anyone know of a cheap bike speedo with a long sensor wire?

    looking at my g-bike from the buildoff last year and thinking about playing with it some, but i need a new bike speedo/computer. i put a nice mag wheel on the front and didn't want to try drilling ino it or gluing to it so i tried to put the sensor on the back wheel. the sensor wire wasn't long...
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    the under top tube occ chopper seat post clamp?

    has anyone done that on a bike themselves? you know, how the seat tube has a slit under the top tube and that's where the clamp is. i'm considering doing that. i've made a new seat for my main rider, but it ended up sitting just a bit too high. the only solution i'm seeing so far, is to cut...
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    a try at making a "lucky 7"... er.."T"... seat post

    edit: just realised i got the name wrong. basmans call their's a "T" seat post. experimenting with a "t" type seat post. i was looking at the ones on the basmans and thinking it would help me with a tandem idea i've been playing with for a while tried to do the best welding i could on it...
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    a house built for bicyclists

    if msn is your home page you probaly saw this, but i'll post it anyway. wasn't as much as i expected when i saw the title. i guess my house is made for bicyclists too since i'm in it.
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    some cheap lights for experimenting

    a couple of people at work told me about these a buck each at a place called family dollar here, but they could be in other places.they have three button batteries in them, and an on/off switch at the tail end. could be a two edged sword though. cheap enough to buy, but not worth building an...
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    any regular 2sp kickback users?

    i mean like it might be your main rider or one you use fairly often. praise? slings and arrows? do you like it? do you accidentally shift much? quirks? i'm trying to come up with a simple drive train for a project and wondering if a two speed will work for me. i just don't like single speed...
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    24" schwinn s-7 rim?

    is that one of the odd sizes? will i be able to put a 24x3 tire on it? thanks.
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    Thrift store idea

    that's not too far from a gravity bike
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    bike donations and tax? assigned value?

    i gave away a few bikes this past christmas, but wasn't thinking about the tax part of them being a charitable donation. for most of them i was offered a receipt, but i said i didn't need one. now with all the tax ads on tv i realise i should have considered it. so can i add them when i do...
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    basman?/fore-aft? seatpost.

    i don't know what they're really called. it seems like basmans always have them though. the seatpost that has a horizontal section so you can slide the seat forward 3-6"(?) or so. since i've been playing with modding frames (and not always getting the ergos quite right) something like that would...
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    have a habitat restore nearby? check for cheap paint

    this may only help a few people if any, but just in case if you ever heard of habitat for humanity, here they have habitat restores. sort of like a goodwill or salvation army store, but it's home stuff, building material, furniture and whatnot. some stuff is new, like i guess contractors or...
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    kinda artsy fartsy

    i took this pic for another possible thread or question, but once i had it uploaded and looked at it, i thought "hmmm..."
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    any backrest ideas?

    my favorite type of bike is a stretch cruiser (if that's not obvious by now), and they work so much better with a seat with some kind of back rest. i'm getting a real late start on possibly giving a couple away for christmas (i may save the idea for next year since i took off so late), but i...
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    looking for a sprocket that looks like a wire wheel

    not that i can buy it now, but i'm searching for when/if i get a chance. just as described. it's a sprocket for a one piece crank, that looks like a lowrider type wire wheel. i saw one once log ago in a mag or online, but i don't remember where and haven't found a site yet that has one...
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    new sturmey shifter shifter/old sturmey hub? mounting?

    i've had a couple of older coaster brake sturmey 3 speed hubs for a while i'm considering for projects. i have two old shimano stickshifts, but i keep reading that they're not compatible. the old sturmey sticks are never cheap on ebay, but i've been seeing this...
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    5 speed made from new manta ray, and the old schwinn forums?

    kinda two linked questions. came across one of the new manta rays recently i hope to pick up soon. i remember on the old schwinn forums someone made a 5 speed out of one. i'm trying to get another look at his bike. i think his name was sideshowbob on the schwinn forums, but since they're gone...
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    is a black helmet hot?

    never worn a helmet on a bicycle. i'm thinking of doing a labor day ride where a nelmet is required. a black one would be my first choice, just to kind of be universal with all my bikes, but has anyone noticed if it seems hotter wearing one compared to a lighter color? thanks.
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    cheap part alert. chopper backrest

    saw these while i was looking for back rest for my tandem. be good for a chopper project ... gory=35558 wish i could afford to buy a few but i'm just getting one i need. pretty good deal though.