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  1. muddy

    Sandhill Special

    Late to the party and I won’t be expecting any awards for best dressed, but it would be rude not to get stuck in. The story here is that my son (2 in August) likes to ride on the top tube of my bike with me. So I’m going to make a bike with a little more room so I don’t knee him into the road...
  2. muddy

    Absent Mind

    I completely forgot about this build off! I started building my bike yesterday and I'll see if I can find some before photos. What I've done so far is reassemble the frame with a new bottom bracket as the old one was an oddball.
  3. muddy

    The Little Fool Who Shouldn't

    I want to but I really shouldn't. Not sure what I want to do with this one. But a three speed with drum brakes is definitely on the cards Wish me luck
  4. muddy

    Ten Tonne Tadpole (Overloading Policy)

    This build is inspired by New Zealand's tendency to take our vehicles above and beyond what they were designed to do. The Ten Tonne Tadpole is going to be under specced in pretty much every way by parts availability and cost.
  5. muddy

    BSA Roadster (Backlash)

    This is the (nearly) finished Roadster I've put it up because, well its deadline time and I've been riding it for a week at least. And this is me neglecting it (It was ONE time, and "It improves the patina"!)
  6. muddy

    English Raleigh 20 & a Healing 10-speed

    The English 20 with a seized head and rusted almost everything else. I tried the rear brake and the cable snapped! and th healing which for some reason only suffers from flat tyres and loose gearshifts. Still a likely donor.
  7. muddy


    This is my BSA, shes gotten pretty tatty. she has no wheels or brakes and I broke the chain. No fixed ideas yet, but its going to be black and green There wont be much chrome, the rust put paid to that.
  8. muddy

    what else do i do to my 16"

    hey guys i need to finish this bike but am at a loss for ideas i will be happy to hear any farfetched ideas i'll even listen to sensible ones
  9. muddy


    hi i'm marlon im from christchurch new zealand i'm real new at this and i'm constantly broke. i would like to know how i could motorise a 20 inch bike with a 2hp stationary engine. i have already added a tricycle rear end onto spread stays i will post a picture as soon as possible