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    Upgrades to 65 Schwinn Coppertone

    So I need to do the sacreligious and swap out a bunch of original parts on a 65 Coppertone. It currently has a Shimano Nexus 3 speed hub to give it a little extra go, but everything else is pretty rickety at this point, so I am going to modernize. Any advice appreciated, I am definitely...
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    Stingray to BMX Conversion

    Thanks to great advice from the members here, the build is underway. This is just a mock-up using parts from a junk bike I found in the trash and my daughters old stingray frame. Plans are to definitely spray the frame and maybe handlebars and forks, depending on color-scheme and style my son...
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    Rebuild advice - Schwinn Stingray

    Just looking for some ideas here. I have a beat up Stingray that's been sitting around forever. It gets ridden, but the springer front end is bent (and the handling is wobbly), and it obviously needs a bit of rust removal, etc. I want to swap the front end for either a traditional set of...
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    Replace loose bearings with sealed/caged bearings on GT hub

    Hello, I have not posted in forever on the site, good to be back. I have a GT hub that was not turning the wheel. Opened it up, it's loose bearings, a bunch of which are just crushed. Anyhow, I'd prefer to replace it with a set of sealed bearings, or caged bearings. Any ideas on how to do...
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    Stingray Question

    I'm putting together a Stingray for my daughter, and there is some sort of mounting flange, maybe for a headlight, that seems to go somewhere in between the steering adjuster and the steering nut. What's weird is that it seems to me that whatever it is, it should be locked in with the steering...
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    Tightening Steering

    I have a set of "chopper" forks, a threadless headset, and all of the cups and bearings and whatknot that came along with it. The bearing set included this rubber ring that caused the whole steering stem and all to be loose, so I took it off. The instructions were to tap the upper triple tree...
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    Saying hello from Brooklyn

    Hello, I am from Brooklyn, and I just built a bike for my wife out of some spare parts (and a few ordered ones), normally I am trying to finish up my motorcycle, but I took a little time to get this bicycle out of the way because my wife was bitching about the parts just laying around. Anyhow...